According to the producer of The Legend Of Zelda, Linear Entries are “games of the past”.

In the Legend of Zelda series, you shouldn’t get involved in more linear games. Nintendo has some of the biggest IPs in the entertainment industry, like Mario and The Legend Of Zelda. The latter series has always been one of the most respected franchises out there due to its exceptional world experiences and experience in gaming. The Legend of Zelda: Breaching the Wild was able to change the world and enable Nintendo’s take on Zeldan, giving him an incredibly liberating life. The sequel “The Legend of Zelda: Tears Of the Kingdom” became another huge success for Nintendo.

However, some Zelda fans don’t like to be kept on a leash. Some people like more guided lessons that are a little less linear than the older games in this series. Unfortunately for these fans, we won’t see anything like this again. Speaking to IGN, Eiji Aonuma pointed out that linear entries are more like “games of the past” and it’s not common for players to expect the rewards.

“I agree to the terms of what [Hidemaro Fujibayashi] In games where you have to follow a certain set or complete tasks in a very strict order, this is a type of time-like game that is ubiquitous. While the games are currently taking place, this can accept a player’s own decisions and give them the freedom to move freely through this game, but it is allowed there. I would agree with that and consider it our philosophy, but as a producer I have to admit that games like this always incur additional development costs. And I have to think about that.

Aonuma also noted that it may be able to define the phrase “grass is greener” as if some fans were interested in more linear games.

“Well, I think we tend to want things that don’t exist yet. But there are some who have a greener mentality. “But I also think that the freedom that the players have in the last few games, there is still a predetermined path, but they just chose. I think that’s one thing to remember in this moment.

I know when people say these things they’re like, “Why would you want to get into a game where the boundaries are becoming more limited?” But I understand that desire for nostalgia and it helps me to look at it from that perspective. “

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