After a decade, game studio Versus Evil has closed its doors

The sad times of gaming at the end of 2023 continue, and Versus Evil has already announced that they have already decided against it since it opened in 2009 after existing for 10 years. The indie gaming company posted a short message on Twitter last week to alert fans that the company would be closing.

This is a sad day today. After 10 great years, Versus Evil has closed its doors. We enjoyed introducing you to the best indie games we could find and sharing many great memories with everyone, our amazing community! Thank you for everything we have in the sky.

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The company did not give a reason for the closure as it received the support of many fans in the letter. The biggest problem we solved was the fact that their games continue to live after they suddenly shut everything down, although littleBuild Games will take over its library and continue working with them until the problem is resolved. No doubt that means simply keeping them available for purchase, or whether the company has continued to expand its offering of new content and sequels.

Today is sad. The Versus Evil wraps its doors after 10 years of wonderful life. We loved bringing you the best indie games we found and sharing so many great memories with all your friends and family! You will appreciate what is happening with us.

It will all be an evil thing.

Our personal experience with Versus Evil is that they seemed like a relaxed company. Whenever we went to the PAX event, they would see this logo in the mix of all the booths. We knew so well that this booth would host cool or at least experimental events that people would rather see it! The shield will be the somber beacon of hope in this busy hall. We don’t even know anything about their development, but we hope that they will be a real success.

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