“AGG’s ‘The Pitch’ April 2023: Expert Insights on Current Legal Trends”,

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In this month’s edition, we cover several compelling stories, including the settlement between Vicky Cornell, on behalf of the Estate of Chris Cornell, and the surviving members of Soundgarden. The settlement allows for the release of new music that the band had been working on before the singer’s death. We also cover the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit’s decision to throw out a $25 million lawsuit against Live Nation over an all-women country festival concept.

Mo’Nique Hicks, a comedian, is taking Paramount to court over alleged unpaid royalties for The Parkers. Golfer Greg ‘The Shark’ Norman has also filed a lawsuit against F45 for $1.75 million in unpaid promotional services. We also discuss how music supervisors are vulnerable to a strike by the Writers Guild of America if they go through with a walkout.

In addition, Paramount+ and Liberty Media’s Formula 1 have inked a promotional deal, while the Chicago Cubs have partnered with Mynd Drinks as their official CBD partner, becoming the first MLB team to do so. We also discuss Tom Graham, CEO of Metaphysic, submitting his AI likeness for copyright registration, and Lionsgate being the anchor tenant for a new studio complex in metro Atlanta.

Lastly, Magic Johnson has confirmed that his group is trying to buy the Washington Commanders, while a court has rejected Apple’s attempt to register the Apple Music trademark to its “Apple Corps” brand in favor of independent artist Charlie Bertini’s “Apple Jazz” trademark rights.

Overall, The Pitch newsletter provides valuable insights into legal issues and news impacting the entertainment and sports industries, optimizing the content for search engines while creating helpful and engaging content for our readers.