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RegTech Takes Center Stage in the BetTech Ecosystem Report

The global sports betting industry continues to evolve, with new players entering the market and established operators adapting to changing regulations. In this context, the third annual edition of the BetTech Ecosystem Report from Spotlight Sports Group provides valuable insights into the state of play in the sector.

According to the report, the BetTech Ecosystem now comprises 375 companies involved in everything from content and data to iGaming and trading. While there has been growth across all sub-sectors, the report identifies six key areas of activity: content, data, platform providers, e-commerce, iGaming, and trading.

Content remains a driving force in the industry, with actionable sports betting content and insights helping to drive users through the betting funnel. At the same time, business analytics and analytical insights are becoming increasingly important to the sector, with a large increase in suppliers in this sub-section.

One notable trend identified in the report is the shift away from operators owning their own platform towards using third-party experts. This is reflected in a growth in the number of companies offering platform services.

The report also highlights the growing importance of fraud and ID verification services to the sector. With an increased focus on regulation, RegTech is another area of sub-sector growth, with an expectation of major consolidation in this area in the coming years.

To further explore some of these themes, Spotlight Sports Group recently held a webinar featuring experts in the sports betting and iGaming sectors. Among the topics discussed were RegTech, and the importance of compliance, identity verification, affordability and AML.

Overall, the BetTech Ecosystem Report provides a valuable snapshot of the global betting industry, shedding light on trends and emerging players. With new entrants and consolidation on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how the industry continues to evolve in the years to come.