Big Relic Reveal! Epic showdown expected

Epic collaboration without leadership.

Gaming legends, get it all! There’s big news from Perp Games with the epic action role-playing game The Relic: The First Guardian. It’s not just a game. The adventure lovers are waiting for you in the RPG world!

There is a chance for the future.

I please disagree. Because Perp Games dropped a bombshell with the trailer and sold it for an early 2025 release with the Eddie song The Relic: The First Guardian. This trailer isn’t just a glimpse. It must look to the future of RPG gaming as it relates to the entire project!

The Relic: A World in Danger!

Imagine a world that flourished then and is now plunged into darkness. This is Arsiltus for you, a land haunted by the vast desert and left behind by relics of great destruction. Here you, as the last Guardian, embark on an expedition to find a lost treasure and sort through it.

RPG gameplay redefined.

Are you ready to constantly immerse yourself in everything it does? The Relic: The First Guardian promises a mix of intense battles, rune settings galore, and character development that’s off the charts. You’re not just playing a game; They rebuild it, solve the mystery of Arsiltus and restore an abandoned land to its former glory.

Your voice and your vision.

Perp Games isn’t just about making a game; It also makes your gaming dreams come true. They say players should take part in the journey and ask for feedback in a survey at the end of the trailer. This isn’t just game development, but a collaboration between players and developers to create the ultimate action RPG experience.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows.

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