CFC releases the highly anticipated “Fight Royale” game mode.

Online gaming company Crypto Fight Club (CFC) is looking to complete its NFT-enabled gaming experience with the crowning jewel of a comprehensive arcade suite: player versus player (PvP).

CFC today released its long-awaited Fight Royale game mode to the public, shortly after celebrating its two-year anniversary amid continued development despite difficult market conditions.

To kick off the new year, CFC is now offering both followers and new players the opportunity to engage in a high-paced, high-difficulty PvP game mode – currently the most popular game type in the industry.

And ahead of Fight Royale’s release, the online arcade platform reported a surge in Generation 2 NFT mints reminiscent of Generation 1, which sold out in 24 hours amid more favorable market conditions.

According to CFC’s data, CFC’s servers are seeing a surge to triple-digit daily active users (DAU) from Southeast Asia alone, alongside notable user clusters around the world. In addition, gaming events with partners called “Let’s Play” or “Game Nights” attract up to 1,000 simultaneous players.

This is interpreted within the company not only as a sign of already stable demand for the arcade, but also as an optimistic signal for rapid expansion in iOS and Android.

Ashton, project manager at CFC, said: “After two long years in the depths of the bear market, during which we reshuffled the entire game development team, the final key to the Arcade series is ready.”

“Our team is thrilled with how Fight Royale development has progressed and reached its peak. So I want to thank them for their hard work and our amazing community for their unwavering support.

“We are now seeing a significant increase in demand for our NFTs, with more individual holders than ever before and continued, sustained growth in daily users completing quests and earning rewards.”

For the game’s launch, CFC worked with key partners such as CARV, Waypoint, Gaming Chronicles and notable KOLs to generate hype and gather feedback for what the company says is its most tested and intensively developed game mode to date.

According to CFC, community response from early game testers suggests there is interest in a competitive PvP mode with quirky block graphics that belies high-difficulty gameplay mechanics.

Other appeal factors for Fight Royale appear to be twofold: players of all skill levels can reliably earn token rewards, but this does not diminish the incentive for experienced players to reap significant rewards by consistently ranking high on the leaderboards.

Fight Royale is the final planned product in the CFC gaming series, a sign that the company wants to focus on further development and support of the game mode, with plenty of scope for new characters, in-game items and card packs.

The first Fight Royale tournament has a potential prize pool of $10,000 up for grabs, which all players can enter for free Purchase a badge from partner CARV.

Alternatively, users can earn an entry slot by burning $5,000 of $FIGHT, the CFC native token, which if further increased means a $2 entry fee – if the $5,000 of $FIGHT is purchased on official exchanges like Pancakeswap.

About CFCs:

Crypto Fight Club (CFC) is an NFT-enabled arcade platform with four original game modes, built by an in-house development team with the vision of evolving into a complete gaming ecosystem and earning games with a difference. The CFC mission defines rewards in the industry not only as token payouts but also as player fun.

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