Coin Amusement News | Sega presents Apex Rebels at EAG

Sega Amusements will be showcasing its latest games at the EAG trade show at ExCel London, UK next week.


The motion racing experience game Apex Rebels is celebrating its European debut. With an adaptive difficulty level, it is aimed at both casual and experienced racing enthusiasts, while the 65-inch screen along with an LED header provides spectacle for both players and spectators.

Additionally, Sega is showcasing Hyper Cross, a snowmobile racing experience with a “three degrees of freedom” movement base that offers addictive gameplay. With ten cross-country tracks, five unique characters and an upgrade system, Hyper Cross offers players of all skill levels an immersive racing adventure.

Also on display will be the cute Capto Candy crane, which joins the family of Capto-branded games including Capto Crane and Capto MIDI, all of which feature parallel edge lighting and a gradient 3D head lighting effect. In the price category there will be Win Fall Revolution.

Sega will also unveil its new 2024 merchandise lines, games from its distribution relationship with LAI, and present the Asphalt 9 Legends driving experience.

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