“Court Allows GGL to Punish Affiliates”,

GGL Can Penalize Operators over Affiliate Breaches, Court Says

The Higher Administrative Court of Saxony-Anhalt has recently confirmed that regulated gambling operators can be penalized for promoting their products through affiliates that feature illegal products. According to the court, promoting on sites that promote unlicensed gambling games and operators is illegal and in breach of the 2021 State Treaty on Gambling Regulation. The German regulator, the GGL, announced that it had issued a five-figure fine to an operator found guilty of deliberately advertising on an affiliate website that promoted illegal gambling products. In addition, the court stated that affiliates have a responsibility to inform users which operators are legal and which aren’t. Such sites must clearly cite the list of white-listed operators in Germany and warn players of the dangers of irresponsible gambling. The GGL’s CEO, Ronald Benter, said that he finds these regulations fair and efficient, and violators will be fined. Repeated breaches could even cost an operator its license. Recently, the GGL launched an investigation into daily fantasy sports games, which are becoming increasingly popular outside of the United States. Although previously designated illegal gambling, the regulator decided to allow a limited number of DFS games following further consultations.