Exclusivity in PS5 gaming game Helldivers 2 “helps,” says Xbox Booz

Xbox boss Phil Spencer doesn’t think Helldivers 2 will benefit from this model. Exclusivity is a big issue in the gaming industry. This medium is the only one that pays hundreds of dollars for your experience. Music and other entertainment companies sometimes offer exclusive services. For most people, it only takes a few dollars a month to appear on television or in commercials for sale. To play? Some people may miss the opportunity to play very nice games because they decided to buy a console in the same year. After the end of 2014, players received The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Xbox One. Apparently they didn’t expect the next game to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. While some of these games are created by the developers, they also sometimes pay third-party studios to secure exclusive rights to tenth grade games like Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Helldivers 2 is the latest game to feature exclusive video game drama. This free application can only be played on Xbox 360 and PC, with any other player eligible. Many are happy to see this day and date on the PC, but the many successes are mainly due to such product choice. However, it is clear how successful they will be, without question if or only the Xbox players will be left in the dust at this point because they still don’t want them to play themselves too! Phil Spencer told Game File that he’s a little worried about Helldivers 2’s exclusivity and doesn’t think it will benefit anyone in the industry.

Then when I look at Helldivers – a good game, kudos to the team that delivers it on PC and PlayStation – I’m not entirely sure who it helps in this industry by being surprised. When you try to distort yourself, it particularly benefits the other person.

Spencer further noted that when he found out about this, he insisted on Xbox and PC. He’s excited to see more games being released on broader platforms like PC, so Helldivers 2 will give him much greater competition. Xbox recently confirmed that it will now release four of its games on PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The titles have not yet been confirmed, although games like Sea of ​​Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush are rumored to be affected by this move. However, Phil Spencer said that Starfield and Indiana Jones will not be involved in this move.


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