Follow these TikTok and YouTube creators for better financial health in 2024

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MarketWatch has rounded up some of our favorite business, markets, and personal finance social media accounts to follow in the new year

We’re entering a new year, which means many of us are making financial resolutions for 2024. But if you really want to improve your money, you can’t always do it alone.

So where should you seek advice?

Of course, MarketWatch’s social media accounts—find us on TikTok and YouTube, as well as Instagram and Facebook—are the go-to source for investing, personal finance, and retirement information. And don’t forget Quentin Fottrell, our Moneyist columnist, who has a lively group on Facebook (META).

But our newsroom has compiled several other sources on platforms like TikTok, Instagram (META), YouTube (GOOGL) and X (formerly Twitter) that we think you might also find useful to follow.

Here are some of our favorites.

Vivian Tu is a TikTok and Instagram star who reaches millions of followers. The former Wall Street trader known as “Your Rich BFF” aims to demystify the world of money and make financial information accessible to marginalized communities, young people and virtually everyone else. Among other things, she talks about strategies for building wealth and how to avoid consumer traps. It was also named to the MarketWatch 50 list last year.

Personal finance guru Dave Ramsey has a lot to say on his many social media platforms like Instagram. His advice is usually offered in the form of clips from his radio show/podcast. He takes a take-no-prisoners approach, which can be a bit polarizing, but his suggestions usually hit the mark.

Claudia Sahm, a former economist and Federal Reserve adviser, walks through the Fed language in her X account and gives a keen sense of where the economy is headed.

The Broke Black Girl is known for sharing sound money advice and influencing the younger generation on Instagram. She describes herself as a provider of “culturally relevant” financial education.

Ryan Detrick, chief market strategist at Carson Group LLC, is an accomplished technical analyst. On X he will share his thoughts on market patterns along with relevant charts.

Speaking of charts, Charlie Bilello, another strategist, offers a steady stream of them on X that tackles the biggest questions in markets and economics.

The Financial Diet is a female-founded personal finance YouTube channel that aims to “rethink your relationship with money, culture and class.” It offers educational videos on budgeting and debt reduction, as well as insightful insights into the intersection of money and pop culture. One example: a video essay arguing that the HBO hit “Sex and the City” has “ruined women’s relationships with money forever.”

Dividend Growth Investor is a solid source

Soren Iverson’s X Account isn’t about finances per se. But if you want to know which tech companies are making products that resonate with users — or drive them crazy — this designer’s platform offers a fun insight. Iverson imagines satirical features for your favorite apps, but some really understand why people use popular apps.

Caleb Hammer has a personal finance interview show posted on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. He delves deeply into his guests’ finances and offers advice on topics related to student loan repayment and their spending habits.

The Budgetnista YouTube channel is hosted by Tiffany Aliche, a personal finance instructor and New York Times bestselling author. Her trademark “Live Richer Movement” is said to have helped women around the world save, manage and pay off hundreds of millions of dollars. Their how-to videos invite you to “discover your investing personality” and offer advice on topics like improving your credit score, choosing the best savings account, and more.

Humphrey Yang has a large following on YouTube for his views on personal finance. He talks about topics like how to best use credit cards and whether to lease or buy a car.

People knowledgeable about all tax topics make it a point to share and exchange ideas using #taxtwitter on X (formerly Twitter). This is not a single account as such, but a collective of specialists who deal with all tax issues and help each other when they get stuck. Just add the hashtag and you’re good to go.

Budget trainer Rachel Rivera is all about budgeting. On her Instagram and TikTok platforms @raemichelleplanners, she breaks down the process through visualization—that is, you can see how she actually works out her budget. She also talks about saving and how to manage your money.

Zaid Admani has a TikTok account that focuses on business-related news, such as earnings from major companies like Disney and Netflix, actions by the Federal Reserve, and new product releases from Apple.

John Liang has his Instagram platform @johnsfinancetips – there you can find out about unusual personal finance strategies, travel hacks and all sorts of offers. He recently shared how he flew to Hawaii for just six dollars!

After all, people who are smart with their money know better not to take their chances in the casino. However, if you occasionally seek the thrill of gambling, why not live vicariously through someone else? A YouTuber who goes by the moniker Vegas Matt lets you see him play the slot machines – and he bets big (up to $1,000 per spin). He seems to lose most of the time, but at least it’s not your money.

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