“GeoComply’s Lindsay Slader Celebrates 5 Years Since PASPA Interview”

GeoComply’s Role in Legal U.S. Online Gambling: A 10-Year Journey

As part of Gambling.com’s coverage of the fifth anniversary of the repeal of PASPA, we spoke to Lindsay Slader, the senior vice president of compliance at GeoComply. She shared her experience over the last decade, detailing the company’s role in legal U.S. online gambling.

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GeoComply’s Story

In late 2011, GeoComply was established, and the company has been around for the entire existence of legal online gambling in the U.S. The company supported the U.S. launch of online casinos and poker in 2013. The three states GeoComply supported for the first couple of years were New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. GeoComply also added lottery customers, and in 2015, their solutions were deployed to support the emerging DFS industry.

As legal online gambling expanded in the U.S., there was a lobbying effort by some casinos to expand the footprint of regulated iGaming, primarily poker and casino games. GeoComply was often called in as expert witnesses to speak about their technology at different hearings for any state that may have been contemplating legalizing some form of online gaming. There was also some lobbying being done on the other side of the issue, trying to prohibit online gaming. GeoComply came to Congress and state capitals and explained how their technology worked to ensure compliance with federal and state laws.

Preparing for the Supreme Court Ruling

As we entered 2018, GeoComply mobilized in terms of who they were supporting and how they were talking to their existing customers that may have offered online poker or casino in a regulated state in America. They were also trying to prepare themselves as best as they could to support those entities as they prepared their platforms and expansion plans.

GeoComply planned a webinar that they would run live as soon as the ruling was announced. However, they just didn’t know when it was going to happen. They had a calendar of all the days the ruling may have come down that stretched over a five-month period. All they knew was that the ruling was supposed to come out at 7 a.m., whatever day it might be.

GeoComply’s Role in Legal U.S. Online Gambling

The repeal of PASPA changed everything for U.S. online gambling. It turned the slog of legal online casinos and poker into a mad rush for online sports betting. GeoComply was there in the early days of iGaming when the industry was working out the bugs of different systems, such as KYC checks, geolocation technology, and payment processing. They played a vital role in educating consumers to turn off their VPNs for geolocation and worked out the payment-processing hiccups the industry has experienced.

GeoComply watched the industry position itself from many different perspectives, and the one clear thing for them was that they would still be one of the key services that would be needed in the customer funnel, be it for sports or poker or casino. They built the infrastructure that would support all these operators and suppliers from different walks of life, no matter where they were coming from.

In conclusion, GeoComply has played an important role in the legal U.S. online gambling industry since its inception. They have been involved in lobbying efforts, expert witness testimony, and education about the industry. As the industry has expanded, GeoComply has been there to provide the necessary technology and support, ensuring compliance with federal and state laws. Their work has helped shape the industry and continues to support its growth.