Get a Grip – Sports Betting Week: Vermont Now, Carolina Next

There is information overload everywhere and we don’t have enough time to sleep and eat and keep up with what’s happening on our crazy blue dot (two out of three isn’t bad). Here’s Sports Handle’s weekend article, “Get a Grip,” summarizing the week’s top values US sports betting Headlines, highlighting some breaking news and summarizing important stories.

Top stories from around our network this week

Has Vermont’s addition to the list of sports betting states this week left the people who run sports betting apps like FanDuel, DraftKings and Fanatics Sportsbook lying on beds covered in cash and partying like the nouveau riche in a Hollywood movie? Um, probably not.

After all, the total number of people living in Vermont is less than the number who attended fall football games at the University of Michigan or six other NCAA schools. And among those hundreds of thousands of maple syrup lovers, there are many thousands who have no interest in sports betting or are too young to engage in sports betting when they feel the urge.

But Vermont sports betting represents the latest domino to fall in the Northeast, bringing the country’s total to nearly 40 states where a legal bet can be placed on everything from the Super Bowl to Saturday’s Mainz-Wolfsburg football game.

And Vermont won’t be the newest mobile betting location in the U.S. this year when sports betting launches in North Carolina in the next few months. Two tribal casinos have joined seven commercial operators to be among those offering betting apps in North Carolina once regulators give the green light.

It remains to be seen whether more states will join in legalizing sports betting in 2024, but the stories linked below show how Sport grip will be busy reporting on developments in Georgia and elsewhere throughout the year. Anyone interested in news like this will not find a better source for sports betting industry coverage. And for broader gambling coverage, be sure to check out our partner site. US bettingand be In addition to his own weekly Double Down column summarizing the week Keep playing Podcast.

Georgia, always on his mind

Georgia lawmakers reintroduce sports betting law

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Big stuff in Florida, but minimal details

Florida Gaming Commissioner: Sports bettors show enthusiasm in first month

California tribes will not change

Rocha: The California initiative will further damage the mobile sports betting brand

The American dream is full of great opportunities to win

Is America lousy when it comes to bad sports weather?

RG advocates are making their move

Federal legislation aims to fund efforts to combat gambling addiction

Industry experts make predictions about responsible gambling for 2024

Prepared for a different strategy

The Sharps’ move delivers what Prime Sports in Ohio was looking for

Some Kambi sales

Kambi CEO Kristian Nylen steps down ahead of launch of AI trading platform

They can certainly choose these guys

Four finalists share Circa Survivor’s record pot of $9.27 million

The SuperContest Gold winner will receive $460,000

New potential in New York

Senator Addabbo Files Bill 2024 to Legalize iCasino in New York

Industry group publishes advert calling for a legal online casino in New York

If you think there are a lot of sports betting advertisements

Media Notebook: Where would TV networks be without ad spend on sports betting?

You can’t argue with numbers

No second-year dip for mobile sports betting in New York in 2023

Maryland ends 2023 with record revenue of $559.9 million

Indiana posts back-to-back profits of $500 million for the first time

College Betting Change Proposed in Virginia

Virginia Senator Schuyler VanValkerburg recently introduced SB 124, a bill that would allow Virginians to bet on in-state college teams. Currently, in-state betting is not permitted on teams like Virginia and Virginia Tech.

This issue has already been raised in the Virginia General Assembly when a 2022 attempt to legalize betting on state colleges failed. Lawmakers supporting the change often point to the potential increase in the state’s tax revenue given the betting interest in key government programs.

Opposition to the effort typically comes from lawmakers concerned about a possible increase in harassment or match-fixing of athletes. These lawmakers believe it is in the state’s best interest to maintain some separation between betting and state universities.

—Bennett Conlin

During the playoffs, more bettors bet, but fewer

With the playoffs about to begin, Optimove has released its NFL betting report for 2023-2024. The iGaming company found that the average daily wager per bettor is 26% lower during the playoffs than during the regular season – but the number of bettors increases by 119% in the postseason.

The reason for this discrepancy is that extremely casual bettors or newcomers are more likely to bet on the NFL once the playoffs roll around. These novice bettors are less interested in complicated bets such as parlay bets on the same game and instead prefer the simpler options of Point Spread, Over/Under and Moneyline. These trends are even more pronounced during the Super Bowl, where the average bet amount is 50% lower than during the regular season, but the number of bettors increases by 228%.

“For sportsbooks, most of these ‘new’ players are already done, but sportsbooks that plan accordingly can retain these new players and become repeat, profitable customers,” the report said.

–Mike Seely

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