Here’s how iGaming platforms can contribute to their local communities

With increasing concerns about global climate change and the growing realization that the environment is rapidly being destroyed by our actions, individuals and companies have finally begun to take action.

Much of the discussion about combating climate change focuses on the steps individuals and families can take to reduce their impact on the environment, such as using public transportation and recycling more. While these steps are helpful, the reality is that companies are the largest contributors to pollution and climate change and need to make big changes.

Tech industries are not traditional polluters, but consume large amounts of electricity and other fuels. To combat this, many have begun investing in sustainability initiatives in their communities. iGaming platforms have done a good job of this and some are becoming industry leaders.

In this article, we look at some of the positive examples that illustrate how iGaming platforms are contributing to their local communities through sustainability initiatives.

New Zealand as a case study

SkyCity is one of the leading examples of an iGaming company choosing to invest in its local community. They have long been one of New Zealand’s best casinos, both land-based and online. In recent years, they have taken steps to give back to the community that has made them so successful.

SkyCity’s support for local initiatives The focus is primarily on sustainability. The two main local initiatives they contribute to are Sustainable Coastlines and Million Meters Streams Project. Sustainable Coastlines is a charity dedicated to restoring the country’s waterways. The Million Meters Streams Project is an organization that restores rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands across the country.

SkyCity does this work through monetary donations and by supporting the activities hosted or organized by these groups. The combination of financial and active support not only supports these important efforts, but also shows the local community that the company cares about the region.

IGT – Industry leader

International Game Technology (IGT) is one of the leading gaming companies in the world. They have been building and developing gaming technology for land-based and online casinos since 1990. They have managed to grow and evolve as the industry changes. Part of this responsiveness is why they have also taken a leading role in making the company more sustainable.

IGT has based its initiatives and actions as a company United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They have adopted nine of the UN’s 17 goals. These goals all contribute to improving the world and the lives of every person. Some of IGT’s initiatives focus on improving conditions for its own workforce, while others focus on global sustainability work.

Their sustainability initiatives aim to improve the lives of their employees on a local level and the environment on a global level. Regarding climate sustainability, her work focused on decarbonization. In line with the goals of the Science Based Targets Initiative, they have plans to continuously reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Her work has been recognized by bodies in the iGaming industry and beyond, including the European Casino Awards, the World Lottery Association and the Carbon Disclosure Project.

What iGaming platforms can do

There are many opportunities for iGaming platforms interested in improving their local communities by engaging in sustainability initiatives. Which initiatives are most important will vary by location and should be selected through careful research and by contacting existing organizations and local governments for advice.

Working with existing organizations and charities is the best approach as they already have a strong place in the community and know what work needs to be done. There are many small, local environmental organizations that do important work but lack the financial resources to make a larger impact. This is where funding through iGaming platforms could be most useful.

The other important step that iGaming platforms need to take in their local communities is to invest in sustainable alternative energy. iGaming platforms consume large amounts of electricity, so reducing this consumption or moving to carbon neutrality can have the greatest impact.

Final thoughts

The steps taken by these iGaming platforms are a very good start and show that more and more companies are taking their role in climate change more seriously. With any luck, more companies will follow their lead and we can start undoing some of the damage we’ve already done to the planet before it’s too late.

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