Hormonal testing at home: Montreal start-up delivers!,

Montreal tech start-up, Eli Health, is creating a hormonal self-test device to allow users to obtain a more accurate understanding of their fertility cycle. Founded by Marina Pavlovic-Rivas and Thomas Cortina, the device uses a single saliva sample and a connected app to provide detailed analysis on the spot, allowing users to monitor their fertility and make informed lifestyle, medication, food, or treatment choices. The device will also be used to get an accurate hormonal reading during the transition to menopause. Eli Health overcame scientific obstacles as saliva holds less hormones than blood or urine, but the company has now mastered a highly accurate detection method. Regulators are currently validating the testing device, and the company hopes to launch it by 2024. Eli Health is confident that the market will embrace the product, and feels their financial investors have placed a bet on a successful venture.