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A comprehensive analysis based on in-depth research and interviews sheds light on the future of the sector

Leading online gaming software developer EvenBet Gaming has released its latest e-book, providing unique insights into existing iGaming trends and challenges, highlighting recruitment as one of the biggest barriers to growth among leading industry CEOs.

The research conducted by EvenBet Gaming consisted of over 170 in-depth interviews with European and Asian iGaming experts, including a significant proportion of industry CEOs and business development executives across a wide range of industries and markets.

And while regulation and increasing competition were inevitably among the most pressing issues for CEOs and founders, recruiting challenges came next, highlighting that the landscape for attracting and hiring new talent is becoming increasingly demanding.

New approaches, including using HR marketing strategies to showcase workplace culture, career opportunities and unique benefits, are being adopted by companies as they open new offices and hire local employees in new markets.

The results of the e-book, titled “Key iGaming Trends and Challenges in 2023,” provide a better understanding of the industry’s key issues and concerns, including:

  • Over half of respondents emphasized the importance of social media marketing (SMM) as a crucial tool for building brand awareness
  • Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into iGaming operations improves efficiency, personalization and the overall user experience
  • The tremendous growth of “crash games” reflects a global shift toward offering faster experiences for shorter attention spans
  • Continued demand for technological advancements, including new features, mechanics, improved UX, and solutions to challenges such as poor internet connectivity
  • Regulation remains the biggest challenge according to respondents, including changes in existing territories and ambiguities within emerging markets that create uncertainty

The development of the e-book was driven by EvenBet Gaming’s commitment to providing thought-provoking insights into the global iGaming industry. The company’s goal is to share in-depth analysis to provide operators and beyond with useful information to support their future decisions and investments.

“Conducting in-depth interviews with industry specialists was a strategic decision for EvenBet Gaming,” said EvenBet Gaming Chief Executive Officer Dmitry Starostenkov. “Recognizing that there is a lack of such research in the iGaming space, we wanted to venture into unexplored territories and look for raw, authentic insights.

“Our mission was clear; to collect unfiltered data that reflects the pulse of the market. Through almost a few hundred interviews, we have reached a depth rarely achieved before. The key iGaming trends and challenges in 2023 underscore our commitment to a comprehensive understanding of the industry.”

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