It explains how Cyberpunk 2077 deals with gender representation

With a unique perspective on gender and new experiences, Protagonists V share their insights.

In the complex and visually stunning world of Cyberpunk 2077, players have a clear choice between their genders by transforming them into different characters. Although one would prefer the male and female versions of “V” for their performance more than the other, they needed individual intervention from CD Projekt Red, which developed its tailor-made narrative.

During Cyberpunk 2077, the quest designers considered V to be a female character, while the writers suspected it would be a male character. This deliberate strategy aimed to eliminate any specific gender bias and ensure that neither the male nor female gaze influenced the characters’ perspective on the world.

V. von Augustynek will always be a woman, which reflects his personal interpretation. Still, other team members in CD Projekt Red might assume that male versions are equally valid. This intentional duality was a departure from the studios’ experience with The Witcher, where the story began with established characters Geralt and Rivia.

Philipp Weber explained the change in mindset, pointing out that his team is used to making up Geralt stories. With the creation of V – a character who can represent different genders – an expert decided to write quest design documents based on references. This approach reminded us again and again of the diversity of nature.

Since the game’s release, there has been debate as to whether the gender-swapped version of V was considered canon or not. and why it seems more authentic. However, CD Projekt Red’s conscious decision to maintain both perspectives equally underlines its commitment to a diverse and inclusive gaming experience.

As development of Cyberpunk 2077 progresses through Update 2.1 and new release time, a gender-neutral character can be developed in an innovative language. This message does not reflect the changing landscape within the gaming industry in terms of realizing your identity.


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