Jackpot Star Casino Review (2023)

Don’t invest more money than you can afford to lose.

Jackpot Star Casino is a casino that has not opened yet and for this reason we don’t have that much information to work with, but we were still able to gather some details about it and we are happy to bring this to you from the limited Number to share Much of what we saw in the casino is shaping up to be a blast. The following review will discuss all the main advantages of the casino, but we cannot tell you anything specific yet.


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Since Jackpot Star isn’t launching yet, we’ll just have to rely on promises, rumors and our own hopes about what the casino might offer as bonuses. But considering the hype behind it, a lot can be expected. For now, we definitely know that Jackpot Star will include the following.

Welcome bonus: What we know about this bonus so far is that this particular bonus is actually a special package of up to 5 separate welcome bonuses that offer a bonus percentage and free spins to top it off. Once you complete these bonuses, you will no longer be able to use them. This is where the following type of bonus comes into play.

Reload bonus: The Reload Bonus is the second most popular addition to the promotions page. As the name suggests, these bonuses can be used multiple times on certain days of the week, weekends, special dates or certain holidays. They usually make up the majority of promotional offers in an online casino. These bonuses can offer anything between bonus money, free spins, cryptocurrencies, bonus crabs and vouchers.

VIP program: Also known as a loyalty program, users are automatically enrolled into a system where every deposit and stake is counted towards a tier system where users receive special rewards for reaching new levels. Rewards like free spins, personal account managers, cashback bonuses and more.

These are the plans that were promised, or at least the ones we hope to see. Users can also look forward to the following:

Tournaments: These are a very important part of every casino and offer users the opportunity to participate in competitions and win top rewards in the process. Each tournament can be proprietary or granted by a game provider. Not to mention, there are no limits as any idea, holiday or theme can be turned into a tournament.

Birthday bonuses: Not as popular as you would think, but these are great bonuses to help you retain users and reward them for their years of loyalty. Be sure to pay attention to the terms and conditions as they may differ from other bonuses.


Jackpot Star is said to be regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. This is perhaps the best news in the review because it essentially means that the casino is 100% safe and fair. Everything else depends on the platform, but this regulation is even more special because it actually grants their casino a solid foundation of freedom of expression, meaning that Jackpot Star Casino can easily offer great games, game types, bonuses and other features at no additional cost may have costs for his legal status. Paired with the unparalleled security and fairness of gameplay, you get one of the best licenses in the world.

The year 2004 marked a significant milestone for Malta when it introduced this now popular and strict regulation for online casinos. To ensure the highest level of quality and fairness for users, the Malta Gaming Authority has introduced strict standards that gaming companies must adhere to. Only companies that meet these standards receive licenses.

Companies wishing to obtain a license from the Malta Gaming Authority must meet certain criteria. These criteria include sufficient financial resources to support the company, maintaining a transparent ownership structure, demonstrating competence in the provision of services, maintaining integrity and fairness, and ensuring no involvement in criminal activities such as money laundering. Failure to comply with government regulations may result in the license being revoked or not being considered at all.

Ensuring the safety of all users is the most important task of the Maltese regulators. This includes implementing anti-fraud measures, conducting KYC and AML procedures, and establishing protections and compensation for data breaches. After all, user safety is the top priority for the regulator and therefore also for the casino.

Furthermore, it is important to create a fair gaming environment where pure, unadulterated luck is the only deciding factor in every game in the casino. This is mainly achieved by incorporating random number generator software. Specialized care for gambling addicts and people at risk of addiction is also of utmost importance. Finally, all casinos regulated in Malta must have a well-structured customer support system.

So the casino has done an excellent job with regulation, as it has the license that is considered by many to be the best in the industry. Now it just needs to live up to the expectations we have for it, and we really believe it will do that once it officially launches.

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Although we don’t have any details on the payment details at the moment, we can reveal that we are expecting providers such as Skrill, Neteller, PaySafeCard, AstroPay, MuchBetter, Interac, credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and why not even crypto wallets. These are our hopes, and judging by the way Jackpot Star has achieved it, we expect at least two thirds of them to be in there.

On a side note, we personally would like to see a dedicated payment page where all the details are laid out and all payment terms are clear and visible to every user. This allows customers to easily make decisions that impact and improve their gameplay.

Unfortunately, it is still too early to say what the minimum deposit is or will be, and the same applies to the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts. There are also no details on deposit and withdrawal processing times, but as with deposit and withdrawal amounts, we don’t expect the casino to overdo it.

There may be other payment methods, each of which may be subject to a specific jurisdiction. So remember these small but important details. Another reason is the presence of payment system fees, which are in no way tied to the casino, but to each payment system and to the customer’s own jurisdiction. These fees are rarely if ever covered by casinos and are usually associated with currency conversion fees, which are also out of the casino’s control.
Once the casino opens, we expect there will be deposit turnover requirements as well as dormant account fees, both of which are fairly standard.


We come to most of the casino, and what we are promised here is a lot, and if the casino holds up, Jackpot Star will truly be a miracle. What we don’t know yet is the way everything is presented and how it is organized.

The casino is expected to become home to many popular video slot titles and providers. We expect companies like Microgaming, Red Tiger, Yggdrasil Betsoft, Pragmatic Play, Evolution and many more to offer their games here and make the casino a worthwhile experience. As for the actual game, it’s still too early to say anything that will make a difference, so we won’t mention any names for now. Just that we expect some of the biggest video slots in the industry,

The other big gaming addition that all casinos should definitely have is the live games, and we know that Jackpot Star Casino will do this because it is important. We expect to see and play all major games and game types such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, Game Shows and more. Live games are technically the origin of online casinos and are therefore one of the cornerstones of the industry.

There may also be table games that, like the live games, are only played offline in the casino itself. It is a more focused game genre and is not as popular as all other live slots, but there is also a sizeable audience that likes these these days so it is smart to have them.

As you can probably tell, anticipation is high and the platform makes a lot of promises. At first glance there’s a lot to see here, but the final product will speak for itself.

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At the risk of repeating ourselves, it is too early at this point to give you a real conclusion about Jackpot Star Casino, and only once the casino fully launches. By then the information we have for you should be in place and what is important is that everything is shaping up to be a great online gambling platform for everyone.

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