“Key Insights: 2023 Spring Game Provides Five Takeaways for College Football Fans”,

During the Oklahoma Sooners’ spring scrimmage game, the defense showed significant improvement. The players appeared more confident and were playing at a faster pace, indicating that the game plan had become simpler and easier to understand. Although the true test will come in September, the defense showcased an impressive edge pressure and the defensive backs made several plays on the ball in the air, including five-star safety Peyton Bowen’s interception of an intended go route to Andrel Anthony.

Among the standout players on the defense was Indiana transfer Dasan McCullough. He made a big impact on the field, rushing the passer, playing great defense, stopping the run in space, and even breaking up two passes while working from the slot in his role as the cheetah. Additionally, transfer player Davon Sears from Texas State made his presence known by forcing his way into the backfield and blowing up a few plays. Jacob Lacey, who transferred from Notre Dame, also deflected a pass at the line of scrimmage, and Gracen Halton had a strong performance for the defense.

Overall, the defense’s performance in the spring game provided clear evidence that the team has made significant strides forward. Looking ahead, it is hard to believe that the Oklahoma Sooners’ defense won’t continue to improve based on what we saw during the spring game.