Leading charities give DCMS feedback,

DCMS Receives Feedback from Leading Charities

Gambling treatment service providers in the UK have advised the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) to take further measures to address problem gambling. Data shared by charities revealed that problem gambling rates had peaked, and there is rising pressure to implement the white paper quickly. However, according to the charity representatives, the remaining stigma surrounding gambling addiction poses another significant challenge, often preventing people from seeking timely help. The cost-of-living crisis further exacerbates gambling’s social impact, sometimes forcing people to gamble to avoid basic necessities. As GambleAware chief commissioner, Anna Hargrave pointed out, the charity’s addiction hotline received roughly 41,000 yearly calls. Treatment service providers mirror the criticisms of the recently published white paper. However, the UK government has reiterated its commitment to protecting customers, and the charity voices will hopefully not remain unheard.