LOTEP authorizes Pay4Fun and four other companies to test payment systems

Photo: Disclosure/LOTEP

The Paraíba State Lottery (LOTEP) recently announced the selection of five financial technology companies. The aim is to advance the process of digitizing financial transactions by carrying out proofs of concept (PoC).

LOTEP intends to evaluate the compatibility and efficiency of the systems proposed by Pay4Fun, Pagstar, Credit, BPay, IPA And Delcredunder strict technical control.

The final qualification process of these companies set out in Announcement 004/2023 underlines the LOTEP initiative. This integrates technological innovations that promise to raise the standard of service for lottery licensees.

PoC planning at the LOTEP headquarters

The PoC phase, scheduled for February 29th and March 1st at LOTEP headquarters, is a crucial milestone in which every company has the opportunity to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of their solutions. All this before a specialized technical committee.

At least one confirmation of participation in the PoC must be sent five days in advance. This underlines the importance of organization and preparation on the part of the companies involved.

Therefore, this process not only ensures a smooth transition to more advanced payment systems, but also reflects LOTEP’s commitment to transparency and continuous improvement.

The Commission is currently chaired by Douglas Brandão do Nascimento and consists of renowned experts in the field of technology and innovation.

The group will be responsible for the evaluation technical aspects of the solutions demonstrated. This joint effort not only strengthens the payments ecosystem in Paraíba, but also sets a precedent for the adoption of technology in the lottery sector.

Through this qualification and PoC process, LOTEP not only aims to improve operational efficiency and security of financial transactions, but also demonstrates a future vision aligned with the expectations of licensees and users of lottery services.

This advancement is intended not only to improve the user experience, but also to strengthen the integrity and reliability of the lottery system in Paraíba.

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