Expands Global Reach with New Partnership

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LONDON – Inc. (NASDAQ:LTRY, LTRYW), a well-known online lottery service provider, has entered into a software purchase agreement with WA.Technology aimed at expanding its operations to Africa, the Pacific, Brazil and other parts Latin America. This strategic move, announced at ICE London 2024, is intended to strengthen the company’s global growth efforts.

The partnership with WA.Technology, a leading provider of B2B iGaming solutions, involves leveraging the latter’s comprehensive iGaming platform and operational expertise to support’s expansion. The collaboration will offer a range of services, including affiliate and lead generation strategies, as well as comprehensive legal, compliance, regulatory and financial management, with the aim of expanding’s brand presence and earning potential in global markets in the coming years to increase.

The global lottery industry is experiencing significant growth, particularly with the increase in mobile and online lottery sales. WA.Technology’s advanced solutions, including the WA.Lottery platform, position the company as a key player in helping explore new market opportunities and consolidate its presence in target regions.

Tim Scoffham, CEO of WA.Technology, expressed excitement about the partnership and highlighted its alignment with’s vision to create a global lottery destination. CEO and Chairman Matthew McGahan also noted the importance of the agreement to the company’s growth strategy, particularly in South America, highlighting the opportunity to focus on U.S. ticketing operations, the relaunch of the WinTogether sweepstakes business and the …to focus on introducing

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Investing Pro Insights

As Inc. (NASDAQ:LTRY, LTRYW) looks to expand its global presence through a strategic partnership with WA.Technology, the company’s financial health and market performance are becoming increasingly relevant to investors. Here are some insights based on current data and expert analysis from InvestingPro:

InvestingPro Data’s metrics show that’s market cap is a modest $5.98 million. Despite industry challenges, the company has maintained impressive gross profit margins, reaching 86.72% over the last twelve months (as of Q1 2023). However, revenue growth fell significantly by 75.44% over the same period, reflecting hurdles in scaling operations.

InvestingPro Tips shows that analysts are forecasting revenue growth for the current year, which could be a positive sign for the company’s expansion efforts. Additionally, the company trades at a low price-to-book ratio of 0.12, which could be attractive to value investors looking for undervalued stocks.

For those considering investing in, it is important to be aware of the company’s high price volatility, as the stock has experienced significant price fluctuations in recent months. The 1-month price total return shows a sharp decline of -33.55% as of the current date, while the 3-month return shows an increase of 22.35%. Such volatility could bring both risks and opportunities for traders and investors.

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