“Mass. Senate Expresses Doubts over Proposed Online Lottery Plan”,

The Massachusetts Legislature is considering legalizing online sales for the state lottery, a move that has already been proposed by the House in its Ways and Means fiscal year 2024 budget. The state legislature has examined bills allowing online sales in the past, but the Senate has been hesitant to take up the issue. However, with the rise of online sports betting in Massachusetts, the Interim Executive Director of the Massachusetts Lottery is urging the Senate to act. Online sales could generate enough revenue to steer $200 million towards early education grants, according to top Democrats. The move is not only aimed at offering new games to existing gamblers but also to draw in new players, with the hope of catching the interest of the emerging generation. Regions that sell physical lottery tickets in-person, such as brick-and-mortar stores, are apprehensive that sales will transfer online, leading to a loss of revenue. Alternate concerns regard problem gambling and the potential social and economic effects of online gaming. Nonetheless, supporters of iLottery press that profits from it can be distributed to communities throughout the state for the benefit of those who live there.