“Meet SOFTSWISS Sales Head Gregory Penkov!”,

As a well-known provider of innovative iGaming solutions, SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator is expanding its global footprint, with a focus on the Asian market. To gain insights on the benefits of the Game Aggregator, crucial aspects for aggregation platforms to consider while planning their work in this region, and predictions for the future of iGaming in Asia, IAG spoke with Gregory Penkov, Head of Sales at SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator.

Incorporating innovation and developing reliable solutions that complement each other set SOFTSWISS apart in the iGaming market. Their advantages include the speed and quality of client service, the efficiency and stability of the product, and the quantity and quality of content available through their aggregator, which includes over 16,000 games from recognized providers.

To enter the Asian market successfully, it is crucial to conduct research, respect cultural differences, and work closely with local partners. Game aggregators should consider local preferences, know the types and genres of games popular with Asian players, and partner with local developers to offer content that resonates with local players.

Penkov believes that the iGaming market will become more globalized, with larger game providers buying out smaller local studios. He also predicts that the iGaming industry in Asia will continue to thrive in the coming years, particularly regarding the relationship between aggregation platforms and game studios.

SOFTSWISS’ recently launched Tournament Tool offers numerous advantages to online casino operators, such as the ability to customize tournaments and create engaging campaigns tailored to their specific audience. This level of flexibility enables operators to attract new players and retain existing ones by offering unique gaming experiences.

Exhibitions are essential to SOFTSWISS’ business, providing opportunities to meet friends, partners, and potential clients, expand contact bases, and broaden horizons and knowledge. Thanks to their business development managers, SOFTSWISS can implement their plans and goals successfully, and potential clients approach them after exhibitions with their requests.

In conclusion, SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator is a reliable and innovative provider of iGaming solutions, actively expanding its global footprint. By respecting cultural differences and partnering with local developers, SOFTSWISS continues to excel in the iGaming industry, offering unique and engaging gaming experiences to players worldwide.