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After another year of unwavering success, we spoke Javier Sacristán Franco, International Business Director of R. Franco Digital, about the innovative new release Pick & Shoot, gamification trends, standout moments of 2023 and what’s next for the Spanish leader.

Your latest release, Pick & Shoot, brings a revolutionary new experience to iGaming. Why did you decide to release such a title and what elements in the game do you think will appeal to players?

Pick & Shoot allows us to break away from the traditional slot game board and offer a unique gaming experience. Providing differentiation always carries more risk when going to market. However, if the key to success is found, such games can bring significant benefits. Additionally, the process of creating and developing dynamic titles is always positive for our technical teams and promotes a culture of creativity and lateral thinking.

By combining mechanics similar to roulette with exciting multiplier values, Pick & Shoot contains a strategic element that keeps players engaged. With three steps that include selecting the bet amount, selecting a multiplier value and finally selecting the attack boxes, players actively participate in the gameplay. Pick & Shoot is revolutionary in that it gives players a sense of ownership and control over their gameplay, bringing next-level engagement to the iGaming world.

As gamification becomes more prevalent in casino content, what new trends and features are emerging in the market to keep an eye on in 2024?

Gamification is an increasingly common component in iGaming and other industries. It is a powerful tool that offers tangible rewards and positively impacts acquisition, loyalty, sense of belonging, progression and retention.

Highlighted in our latest publication, Pick & Shoot, the use of skill-based elements that reflect a video game experience will definitely be a trend to keep an eye on in the future. As we continue to explore this idea, we believe there is still tremendous untapped potential to improve the gaming experience. Our 2024 roadmap will illustrate this and demonstrate our innovative approach to in-game gamification.

How are younger generations reacting to iGaming and how can providers ensure continuity by capturing this previously untapped demographic?

A lot of content is currently being generated that is aimed at younger generations. While this may seem disproportionate, its longevity depends on the quality of the experiences we offer them.

We have conducted extensive market research examining preferences within and outside the world of online casinos. We also conducted in-depth interviews with psychologists to better understand the mindset of younger generations. This allows us to create tailored content that truly engages players and leaves lasting impressions that go beyond mere engagement metrics.

Can we expect similar releases from R. Franco Digital in the new year and what other innovative experiences await players and operators?

The R. Franco Digital Game Team always dedicates time and resources to developing experiences that are both groundbreaking and exciting. This year we released several games that deviate from the norm. Check out our current publication Tacoweeen For example, the Day of the Dead-themed game features numerous game modifiers that go far beyond the traditional free spins route, instead inviting players to wander through a map in a bonus round or select food from a feast in another. It has proven to be a real hit with players.

Looking forward, we will continue this trend in 2024, with games that appeal to both fans of traditional slot games and more adventurous players, offering a range of new experiences that showcase our team’s unconventional approach to the iGaming landscape . While we can’t reveal too much yet, watch this space as we have lots of surprises in store for our players and partners!

Finally, reflecting on the year, what were the standout moments for R. Franco Digital and how did this shape your strategy for 2024?

The past year was characterized by great dynamism. A standout result for us was the launch of four new platforms in three new regulated markets in a single month, which is a new record! As our IRIS 4.0 platform continues to gain traction, 2023 was a period in which we consolidated our status as a leading management systems and software provider.

In addition, we have also expanded in several key regulated markets, including our recent collaboration with Solverde.pt in Portugal. As one of the most exciting emerging markets in Europe, Portugal remains an important area of ​​expansion for R. Franco Digital. Partnering with one of the market’s leading operators is a true testament to our commitment to geographical expansion and we will use it as a catalyst to expand our reach even further. As we integrate new technologies into our game development process, we are preparing for a big year filled with continued commercial growth and games that drive the industry forward.

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