Online Gambling Starts in Two Weeks at Bally’s Twin River Lincoln –

Bally's Twin River Lincoln Casino The host was the Rhode Island Convention Center the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce 2024 Legislative Leadership Luncheon on Thursday, as reported by Rhode Island Current. The event sponsored by Bally’s Corp published a brief overview of the state of remote gambling in Rhode Islandjust two weeks before the official launch.

According to a 2023 law regarding video lottery games and table games, the state has over the state lottery department of the Ministry of Finance, will implement and monitor online gambling Bally’s Twin River Lincoln Casino. The official start date specified in the legislation is March 1, 2024allowing players to access simulcast slots and table games from their computers, laptops and mobile devices.

At the event, Marc Crisafulli, CEO of Bally’s Rhode Island, said: confirmed the “soft launch” of remote gaming at Twin Lincoln Casino. The company’s spokesman said more details would be announced later in February.

There was no shortage of debate during the 2023 Legislative Session over whether or not to approve bills authorizing online gambling in the Rhode Island House. Opponents of online gambling have expressed concerns about an increase in gambling-related harm as a result of easy accessibility.

Others called for additional protective measures to be implemented. The dissenting lawmakers said problem gamblers have access to the National Problem Gambling Helpline as well as various compulsive and problem gambling programs that are being implemented.

Dominick Ruggerio comments on the upcoming launch of iGaming

Dominick Ruggerio Dominick J. Ruggerio, a Democratic member and President of the Rhode Island Senatehas repeatedly emphasized the importance of gambling tax revenues to the state and keeps abreast of the latest developments in the gambling industry in neighboring states.

Although Ruggerio did not attend the lunch due to health reasons, he shared his excitement about the upcoming launch via email. In his statement, he highlighted the positive aspects the iGaming market would bring to Rhode Island, including: “A crucial source of revenue for the state”while at the same time “Providing an alternative form of entertainment”.

He added that the introduction of online gaming was based on other measures taken to ensure the state’s advantageous position within the gaming industry, including a new collaboration with the Community College of Rhode Island aimed at various training courses in the Gaming and related entertainment sectors.

A study from 2023, Rhode Island iGaming and state revenue forecast Commissioned by the State of Rhode Island Department of Revenue and based on a comparative analysis of iGaming in other jurisdictions, the five-year revenue forecasts and state share were released. According to the results of the study, the Rhode Island government’s gaming revenue amounts to $24.1 million in the first year, $29.2 million in the second year, $33.6 million in the third year, $36.9 million in the fourth year and $38.8 million dollars in the fifth year.

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