“Regulatory Constraints Strangling Online Slots Industry, Says European Gaming Report”,

In recent years, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has implemented several regulations specifically targeting online slots and the wider online gambling industry. These regulations aim to protect players by ensuring that licensing conditions and codes of practice provide a safe and fair gaming environment. However, some argue that the growing regulatory environment is suffocating the online slots industry.

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The article discusses the impact of the growing regulatory environment on the UK slots industry. While many new regulations have focused on features of slot gameplay, like feature buys and spin speeds, it has been a pretty tense three years for operators and slot developers.

Despite this, the UK online slots industry still consists of hundreds of developers that release new titles each month creating more than £2.9 billion in gross gambling yield (GGY) per year. While some argue that the increasing regulatory environment coincides with growth in offshore gaming, financial data suggests that the measures have not significantly impacted the online industry.

However, decreasing the speed of play and banning features like bonus-buy and auto-play can affect player enjoyment and suffocate innovation within the industry. Striking a balance between safety and revenue is key to ensuring that the industry continues to thrive.