“Peru is a mature market that will be of great interest to brands looking to expand into regulated markets”

Rubén SolorzanoManaging Director of Affiliated Marketing Group (AMG) and one of the organizers of the Peru Gaming Show (PGS)discussed the Future of the Peruvian market following the publication of the regulations that will govern the online sectorhighlighting the brands and companies that will establish themselves in this jurisdiction.

In an interview with YogonetSolórzano reiterated that the next edition of PGS will take this context into account and that “It is preparing to attract the brands of the gaming world that are guided by this current panorama and to be the gaming reference in the region.”

What is the outcome of 2023 for Affiliated Marketing Group as organizers of the Peru Gaming Show?

After the devastating pandemic was overcome, the gaming sector recorded a significant recovery at the regional level in 2023. particularly in the sports betting and online gaming industries, resulting in greater dynamism in the industry. In this context, AMG SAC, organizer of the PGS show, focused its efforts on the main event in June and explored other options from there.

As a result, 2023 went very well for AMG: the 21st edition of the PGS broke all recordsMore than 6,000 visitors from all over the world and 75 brands among exhibitors and sponsors were present. PGS maintained its leadership position in Latin America as an event organizer for the gaming industry.

What are the expectations for 2024 regarding the gambling sector in Peru?

Peru has been a pioneer in formalizing the sector, having passed the law regulating casino games and slot machines in June 1999, while the law on remote gaming is still pending. In August 2022, the law on remote sports betting and online gaming was passed and in October 2023, Mincetur approved the regulations.

After adopting all these regulations, Peru managed to fully regulate and formalize the activities of the gambling sector, which opened up new opportunities and investment alternatives. Peru is a mature market that will certainly be of great interest to brands and companies looking to expand by entering regulated markets.

In the specific case of the Peru Gaming Show, what are your biggest expectations for next year’s event?

What is being witnessed in the markets post-pandemic is a dizzying rise in sports betting and online gaming. Verticals that seek to develop potential markets with innovative platforms that make the player an active participant to achieve not only economic benefit but, above all, entertainment.

Therefore, PGS is preparing to attract the brands of the gaming world aligned to this current scenario and be the gaming reference in the region. PGS 2024, taking place on June 12th and 13th, will provide an exceptional setting, with a world-class exhibition and presentation of conferences covering topics of interest to gaming players. The presence of top-class speakers and proven experience in the industry guarantee an increase in knowledge.

What news or events in the gaming industry do you think were the most important of the year coming to a close and why?

A It is worth highlighting that the various jurisdictions in the region take regulation and formalization very seriously. Peru has already approved the regulation, having had a law in place since 2022. Brazil and Chile are currently in the middle of discussions at the political level to submit proposed laws to the executive branch for approval. Likewise, Uruguay and Paraguay have started discussions on regulation that will certainly bear fruit, with a law that will benefit the sector and the country’s economy.

The year 2024 begins with the implementation of the law that will regulate the online sector in Peru. How do you think this process will develop?

The law will come into force in February 2024. After the regulation is approved, Many companies and brands seek advice to understand the regulation with the sole aim of establishing themselves in Peru and being part of the market, which, as already mentioned, has a lot of potential.

The Peruvian market has proven to be very active in this sector. Its potential in remote gaming will be revealed over time after operators and suppliers offer the player new and innovative products and services that capture the player’s attention and creativity.

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