PIN-UP.TECH creates its own ML/AI models to combat fraud in sports betting – Product & Technology

Software specialist takes anti-fraud processes to a whole new level. Routine checks are now carried out automatically, taking into account all available transaction data.

Effective risk management is one of the most important success factors in the sports betting industry. Large amounts of data for each transaction require in-depth analysis to predict and then prevent the possibility of fraudulent activity, thereby avoiding financial losses.

PIN-UP.TECH uses the latest technologies and tools to ensure the high quality, stability and security of its products, including the advantages of machine learning and artificial intelligence. ML/AI models have become one of the main tools within the PIN-UP team’s new proprietary product – a full-fledged anti-fraud platform.

The approach of introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence into anti-fraud processes leads to a more advanced ability to summarize information, identify logic and patterns of customer behavior, which is not available to methods such as manual analysis of transactions or the use of linear rules.

AI is an additional set of tools that support the operations team in their work. It reduces the error rate and decision-making time in individual cases and opens up new knowledge about our customers. In some ways, AI even deepens the expertise of specialists and broadens our horizons, as the models take a slightly different approach to decision-making. Many tasks can already be assigned to AI offline. Thus, AI helps with scaling, removes boring routine from daily operations and allows you to focus on deeper analysis of other processes.

Artificial intelligence-based decision models analyze a variety of parameters of each transaction, including the frequency and size of bets, the selected events and their history. The model analyzes many parameters, selects those with the highest predictive power and uses them in the forecast.

“Machine learning models were used for our task. The most important of these is the Gradient Extreme Boosting model, which is one of the best for structured data. The essence of the method is to build an ensemble of models that continuously refine each other, thereby increasing the accuracy of the forecast,” said Volodymyr Todurov, Chief Analytics Officer of PIN-UP Global.

The PIN-UP team’s plans include creating an arsenal of ML/AI models that can reduce the need for manual checks to a minimum and identify risky transactions with maximum accuracy.

PIN-UP.TECH is one of the divisions of the international ecosystem PIN-UP Global, which develops software for the iGaming industry and specializes in technological solutions. The management creates high-quality products and also supports the PIN-UP ecosystem with infrastructure.

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