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Winners will be announced on September 7, 2024 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and will receive a beautiful crystal trophy!

If you are unable to receive your trophy in person, we will send it to you.

The content submitted for the awards forms the basis for the Qld XR Festival content.

Award categories:
Best Animation – All types of animation including 3D, 2D, Stop Motion, Claymation, Experimental, etc.
Best in Augmented Reality (AR) movies/experiences/games/art
The best social media filters for augmented reality (AR).
Best in Creative AI Category – All types of creative AI-generated content from art to animation to sound. If they were created with AI, this is the category for you!
Best Digital Art – All types of digital art including NFTs, AR, VR, animations, images, audio, digital clothing, etc. Entries do not have to be converted into an NFT, but can be
Best Gaming/Game Development – All genres on mobile platforms (Android and iOS), consoles (XBox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch) or online (Web) or Mac or Windows PC
Best Short Film – All genres/types of short films including drama, comedy, science fiction, experimental, music videos, etc.
Best in spatial computing – games, experiences, etc.
Best in interactive immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences – games, experiences, etc.
Best passive immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences – 180-degree, 360-degree film, etc.

Special awards:
Best in Qld – Best project produced in Queensland (Qld) (in all categories)
Best in Australia – Best project produced in Australia (in all categories)
Best in the World – Internationally produced projects (across all categories)
Special awards are judged based on entries in the regular awards categories, so your entry may qualify for one or more special awards.

For more information visit the QLD XR Festival

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