– Ready Player One is moving closer to reality after a new Metaverse deal was announced

A player is one step closer to realization. Earlier this week, AI and new content company Futureverse announced Ready-up Studios in collaboration with Wanted One creator Ernest Cline and Kevin Farah. According to Futureverse, Readyvers Studios is an all-new studio that is “developing the definitive destination for fans seeking knowledge of their favorite stories in IP” across Web3 mobile devices (platforms), immersive experiences and VR.

According to Futureverse, Readyvert Studios has already reached an agreement with Warner Bros. Discovery to publish Ready Player One; and that the studio also owns a separate server under Cline, which sorts out all future IP rights! This interactive platform offers a mix of digital experiences and will be released in 2024.

“The future has come just as quickly and even faster,” Cline said in a statement. “With Readyverse Studios we have the opportunity to leverage the groundbreaking technology Futurevers has developed over several years to create a true version of the Meta Controller. I am confident that this team has the brightest minds and most important hearts to lead us into our next chapter of our shared future as true winners than ever.

“We couldn’t be more excited to share this unprecedented news with the world today,” said Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, co-founders of Readyverse Studios. “With Ernie, Dan and our partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery, we have a unique opportunity to help make the Metaverse a reality from the first stage of technology that demonstrated its potential and was resounding success!” This is just the beginning of our collaboration with Hollywood and global brands. It helped us forge a path that would become popular in the video game space to shape future entertainment, gaming learning and social life experiences.”

Readyverse Studios is entering a new world. “This unique experience inspires technology innovators, creators and visionaries”

What is Ready Player about?

Ready Player One is a science fiction novel by Cline. This novel is about Wade Watts, who wants to transform himself into an Easter egg that would allow him to inherit the Creator’s fortune. A film adaptation was released in 2018, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tye Sheridan as Wade Watts. It was finally released in 2020 as well. It was reported that a sequel film was also in early development at the time, but there have been no further updates yet.

“It’s crazy in Hollywood right now,” Cline said in 2020. From my experience with the first film, I can say that everyone had a lot of fun. When we finished, we argued that there might be one willing player and two. In Hollywood you never know anything about it. I tried my best to focus on making a sequel just for the book. There are characters in this film who are neither alive nor old-fashioned. I tried to give away the book without having any film influence. The film will hit the screens later.

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