“Revolutionary Blockchain Casino Game Unleashed!”

BetConstruct has introduced Alligator Validator, the first-ever game that uses blockchain technology for all transactions. This innovative game combines cutting-edge game mechanics, fresh graphics, and blockchain-powered payment systems. Alligator Validator does not require any centralized third parties to control the flow of funds, making it more secure and transparent. The game is built independently using smart contracts, adding an extra layer of security to transactions.

All Bahamut validators can benefit from the game by improving their positions and earning block rewards for helping secure the network. Validators play an important role in validating blocks using the PoSA consensus mechanism, thus maximizing their ROI and adding an exceptional game to their catalogues. BetConstruct believes that Alligator Validator will shape the future of the igaming market and make crypto games more accessible to a broader audience.

The game promises to enhance the player experience, thanks to its unique and thrilling premise, and deliver huge rewards to partners who help secure the network. BetConstruct encourages you to add this innovative game to your catalogue today and become one of the first to experience the new reality of igaming.