“Revolutionizing Entertainment with Generative AI!”

Generative AI tools such as Midjourney, ChatGPT, and ElevenLabs have gained popularity, and recently, GPT-4’s fourth iteration and an upgraded version of Midjourney, called AutoGPT, were released. These AI tools perform complex tasks with minimal user oversight, making them an ideal choice for future developments. Currently, very few are monetizing generative AI output, with the vast majority of online entertainment being created, coded, illustrated, animated, and managed by people. However, in an era where online presence is critical to business success, the online entertainment industries are thriving, especially in the realms of streaming and gaming. iGaming is a good example of blockchain and metaverse technology that combines finance with social media and online entertainment. Generative AI has the potential to personalize the media further, creating a tailored entertainment experience, but the legal framework surrounding AI must be established, with digital proofing technology such as blockchain, before this can become economically viable. If done correctly, this new model of content creation can supplement existing forms of entertainment, building upon them and offering significant monetization opportunities for both individuals and studios.