“Revolutionizing iGaming: London’s Blockchain Conference”

iGB invites all iGaming businesses to attend the London Blockchain Conference at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre from May 31 to June 2, 2023. Despite its rapidly growing and tech-savvy platforms, the iGaming industry faces challenges of trust and fairness. Blockchain technology can be the saviour for the iGaming industry, with its ability to enhance safety and security, ensure transparency and provable fairness, speed up transactions at minimal fees, provide privacy and anonymity to players, increase odds and return to player, and offer easier auditing processes for regulators. By attending the conference, attendees can learn from leading industry figures, including representatives from the Malta Gaming Authority, the HM Treasury board, and the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines, about their country’s Blockchain and Digitization Initiative. Additionally, attendees can discover the current emerging trends that help bring governments and enterprises to the blockchain, build relationships with influencers, developers, and investors in the blockchain space, including iGaming, and harness the potential of blockchain technology.