Slotegrator Analysis of Curaçao Reform: Current Status and Updates

In this new analysis, Slotegrator offers insights into the Curaçao license situation and shares key news and conclusions.

The Curaçao gaming license has long been the first choice for new online casino and sports betting operators, but times are changing and Curaçao gaming regulations are in a transitional phase. The situation is expected to stabilize in September 2024, but what happens in the meantime?

The situation on Curaçao is still changing and could change at any time. Here’s what’s important to know now:

  1. The LOK (National Gambling Regulation) entered parliament in December 2023 and is still being processed there. In a statement released on January 11, Curaçao Finance Minister Javier Silvania acknowledged that the LOC would of course lead to a “broader debate” among members of parliament. In the same statement, he warned against misinformation regarding the upcoming regulations (there were rumors that they had been rejected) and reiterated that the final word on all information on licensing terms, conditions and fees can only be found on the official website of the Curaçao Gaming Control Board or through the Ministry of Finance. He also confirmed that the current procedure for issuing licenses under the NOOGH remains in effect. However, this will no longer be possible after March 31, 2024. The GCB has also renewed all gaming licenses in Curaçao, with the first renewal expiring in August 2025. The last one will be renewed in January 2025.

  2. On January 1, 2024, a special digital seal was introduced for online casinos that have a Curaçao license. The Gambling Control Board (GCB) developed this digital stamp to prevent online casinos from attempting to falsely impersonate Curaçao license holders. License holders place this digital seal on their website so players can immediately see that the casino has a legitimate license. An official press release from the Ministry of Finance states that not every sublicensee holder can use the digital seal; The grant is only granted to providers who have successfully completed the registration process in the Gambling Control Board (GCB) portal.

  3. At the beginning of February 2024 the news came: The Curaçao Gaming Control Board had issued its first direct license. The pioneer to obtain this license is White Star (a division of Rhino Entertainment Group), which acquired the license for its CasinoDays platform.

  4. Existing sublicensees have nothing to worry about. They are expected to be introduced to the new system and given a 12-month transitional license during which they can familiarize themselves with the new regulations.

Amid the change, we should not forget one thing: Curaçao has the longest track record of any jurisdiction in the iGaming industry (authorities began issuing licenses in 1996).

The Curaçao gambling license is known for some advantages:

  • Guaranteed security. A license gives operators peace of mind that they can conduct business without worrying about legal repercussions.

  • Credibility and validity. Due to the verification process that operators must go through, holding a license gives the casino a significant degree of legitimacy in the eyes of players.

  • Proven reputation. A license contributes to the iGaming ecosystem, combats stigma, and helps create a fair and transparent gaming industry.

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