Soft2Bet reveals 2023 results and 2024 flights

After completing 2023, Soft2Bet will find forms of expansion as its business progresses in 2024.

Gamificación y Herramientas Interestesantes

The company’s popular gaming features, which you can expand and personalize to meet society’s needs, need to be expanded and adjusted to suit players various mercados regulated.

‍Gamification is a connection to social and casual games and is very important in the industry. Actually, it is used to express the best Compromise and availabilityasí como de la general gaming experience.

Soft2Bet uses the game to integrate gaming challenges and social participation into your content. The company has developed an advanced gamification engine, Soft2Bet Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA) To meet the desires of players in different markets.

Recently MEGA had a great exit, great financial performance and fantastic product return. However, the company must submit more than one application.

Yoel Zuckerberg, Product Director of Soft2Bet, dijo: “In practice, I have to say that our engineering, development, marketing or CRM equipment requires many hours of work to integrate all these elements into the durability of our products. It is important that you have done a considerable amount of technical work to find a fully integrated solution that is perfect, safe, adapted and geographically oriented to the habits and preferences of the children. “This work is a great success and I have made Soft2Bet grow faster in 2023.”

Mobile games and IA technology incorporation

However, the aircraft company began to focus more and more on the online gaming market and hoped that it would take off More than $150 million To the finale of the decade. Actually, up to 70% All you need to know about online applications is to have mobile applications because the company is now updating more features and offering one to the players mobile gaming experience New, personalized and unique.

However, in the era of various IA technologies, it is no longer important to abandon them. Soft2Bet offers various forms of integration of IA solutions into its offer, particularly in the area of ​​data analysis, in order to improve the player’s experience and adapt the offer to players.

Ademas, Analysis of player behavior This is one of the most important things going into next year. The game is responsible for leaving the attention center in 2024. We expect to develop new tools and solutions and propose new ideas and innovations to keep the games going as the industry gets underway Seguros para todos.

Soft2Bet has prepared new content for 2024, including fantastic games Features City Builder For players who are disappointed with casinos, whatever Sports stadiums for the Fanáticos de las apuestas deportivas.

Martin Collins, CBDO from Soft2Bet, Comment: “By 2024, we will advance our innovation offerings and strengthen our engineering motivation across our globe. The next year was fundamental for our company as well as the iGaming industry in general. We focus on impulses, new and attractive trends that continuously revolutionize us and drive the industry forward.”

Fuente: “Soft2Bet shares 2023 results and predicts biggest iGaming trends for 2024.” Soft2Bet. December 22, 2023

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