Study highlights exponential growth in problem gambling in Germany

A few years ago, the global COVID pandemic temporarily closed the doors of casinos, This pushes many players into the online space. However, the boom in iGaming activity did not disappear with the pandemic, and many players maintained their online habits rather than returning to brick-and-mortar venues. Certainly those who enjoy gambling in person have found their way into retail stores, but others continue to bet online as is more convenient and easier to access.

Germany is one of the markets across Europe where the pandemic has pushed many gamers online, and according to data from a new controversial study led to an increase in gambling addiction. Of the country Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) released details of a new study into problem gambling, revealing the following: Worrying development of a tripling of the number of gambling addicts.

In 2019The number of people classified as gambling addicts in Germany is approx 400,000. Now the new study estimates that the number has increased more than threefold Gambling addicts reach 1.3 million. According to BMG’s study, such people not only engage in online gambling but also participate in sports betting and casino gambling.

In addition, the newly published study warns against a Significant increase in the number of at-risk gamers or people with “problem gambling behavior”..” An estimate for 2019 0.7% of the population exhibited problem gambling behavior, a number that was skyrocketing, according to the new study. According to the data from the BMG research, an estimate 8th % of the population between the ages of 18 and 70 showed problematic gambling behavior.

New research results are not directly comparable with old probes

While the new study’s findings sound worrying, the picture may not be so bleak. This is because the The methods used to collect the new data are controversial. In addition, a direct comparison between the current data and the numbers from 2019 is not possible various methods for data collection, analysis and categorization.

Recently, the DSWV called on the country’s legislators to implement changes that will help in the fight against illegal gambling. The announcement came amid a worrying trend of declining tax revenues Channeling users to the black market. The DSWV warned that $8.3 billion in stakes were reported in Germany last year, a result that makes a significant difference 5.4% decline year-on-year. Aside from this decline, DSWV, together with DOCV, previously revealed that almost half of online gambling activity in the country takes place via unlicensed gambling operators.

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