TGP Europe Faces £316,250 Fine for AML and Social Responsibility Lapses,

TGP Europe, a White Label company that runs multiple online gambling sites, including,,, and, has been fined £316,250 by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) for violating social responsibility and anti-money laundering practices. The operator received a formal warning, had restrictions placed on its licence, and was issued a fine after the UKGC’s review of its operations uncovered several breaches of the commission’s strict gambling laws.

TGP’s violations include failing to comply with license conditions related to preventing money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as violating the Social Responsibility Code of Practice by not effectively assessing customer interactions, and continuing to allow customers to gamble despite repeated safety warnings. The UKGC’s decision to issue a fine, formal warning, and place restrictions on TGP’s licence is in line with its Statement of Principles for assessing financial penalties and its Licencing, Compliance, and Enforcement Policy Statement.

To avoid damaging its reputation and losing customers, TGP must put measures in place and comply with the restrictions placed on its licence. This includes taking effective steps to prevent future violations or face a potential license review, heavier fine, or worse yet, criminal investigation and legal proceedings. The UKGC’s strict rules are designed to protect players from being cheated, prevent the growth of scam sites in the UK gambling market, and curb the likelihood of punters becoming addicted to gambling.