The Guild Wars 2s ArenaNet has already started working on expansion plans for 2024 and 25

Guild Wars 2 ends the year 2023 with a traditional developer blog that reviews the year and gives an outlook on the so-called fifth expansion. Play the Two World Wars game.

We can leverage many of the lessons we learned from our fifth expansion, such as the developer and player experiences. Additionally, the fifth expansion of active development is already underway; it was present. We weren’t ready to reveal new details today, but I can say that we have many exciting adventures and captivating stories ahead of us. We could now start the chapter for next year with you.

  • Davis says the main reasons for his new season cycle are to address content droughts, increase support for other players’ core games, and improve their work-life balance.
  • Davis gives an unlikely answer about the size of the arenaNet team. He says it will grow and is currently 15% larger than its predecessor in 2010, when the End Of Dragon attacks began on May 19, 2016. He says the team is more than half the size of other studios that were considered direct competitors.
  • Until Steam 2 launches, players are just part of it. Davis says the game’s new customer acquisition numbers are the highest since 2016/2017 due to its presence on Steam. In fact, we’ve seen more first-time gamers in 2023 than at any time during the COVID-19 pandemic gaming boom.
  • Most products are dissatisfied.
  • The team is sticking to currency consolidation.
  • Don’t expect ArenaNet to save old dungeons. They have no interest in that. There will be a Strike Mission challenge mode for the Temple of Febe, and that is also the new Fractal.
  • Apart from the long-distance development that there has been in this type of server, it is a bit strange given how many games they have already used in many years and how good these two modes are for WoW, but his advice is clear and obvious.

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