The Happiest Casinos in New Jersey According to AI Survey

TRENTON, N.J. – A recent AI-based study claims to have identified the casino with the highest luck potential in New Jersey, with Hard Rock Casino taking the top spot. This study, conducted by, analyzed review data from TripAdvisor, focusing on luck-related keywords such as “luck,” “won,” and “jackpot,” among others. The goal of the study was to find out which of New Jersey’s casinos are the happiest based on the percentage of positive mentions of happiness in customer reviews.

Hard Rock Casino came out on top with a happiness rate of 12.1%, as 56 out of 463 reviews mentioned significant winnings or lucky experiences.

Ocean Casino Resort narrowly missed out on first place, securing second place with a luck rate of 12.09%, highlighting the strong competition at the top. Meanwhile, Borgata Casino, despite being the most reviewed, ranked seventh with a happiness rate of 10.16%, indicating a diverse range of experiences among visitors.

At the other end of the spectrum, the now-defunct Wild Wild West Casino proved to be the unluckiest, with a luck rate of just 7.14%. The basis for this was a significantly low number of positive mentions from over 600 reviews.

While Caesars Atlantic City Casino didn’t fare well overall, it had the highest number of “jackpot” mentions, suggesting that while the winnings there might be smaller, the winnings could be higher.

The methodology behind this ranking involved an in-depth analysis of TripAdvisor reviews looking for terms associated with happiness. This approach ensured a fair comparison by normalizing the data based on the number of reviews each casino received. The study provides valuable insights for players looking for a place to gamble in New Jersey, highlighting that while luck is a key factor in gambling, it is the experience that counts at these establishments.

According to the New Jersey Gaming Commission, Borgata paid out $54 million in gaming winnings in 2023, leading all casinos. Hard Rock came in second with earnings of $39 million. Ocean Casino came in third place with $25 million in winnings.

At the bottom of the list were Resorts, Golden Nugget, Caesar’s and Bally’s, somewhat confirming the AI ​​results.

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