The Star Wars Mandalorian video game is said to be in the works at Respawn

Star Wars Jedi and Apex Legends developer Respawn is reportedly working on a first-person Mandalorian game.

Insider Gaming reports on Respawn’s Mandalorian Game, which will allow players in early development to control a Mandaralian bounty hunter at a time when the Empire dominated this galaxy. IGN has reached out to EA for comment.

According to the report, this player is also said to be accepting cash for this person. There are rumors that the iconic Mandalorian jetpack plays a big role in games such as high mobility: increased gliding, as seen in respawning battle royale.

The idea art of Mandalorian art is not easy.

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It is said to have a fast pace and health is harvested upon consecutive deaths. This type of object is believed to contain a wrist missile, a grappling hook, and a visor, as it cannot see enemies or personalities. According to Insider Gaming, this Mandalorian game is not open world; It seems more like a series of linear levels spread across multiple planets. There is no word on multiplayer. When this game comes out, Insider Gaming reports that it will be at least a year or two away.

It’s very busy with Respawn working on the Apex Legend live-play series at its original location. This is also the third and most popular game in the Star Wars Jedi trilogy or an untitled film that stars shooters before being killed by forces like Battle of the Dead.

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