The Texas Lottery’s responsible gambling program achieves NASPL-NCPG Implementation Level recertification

The Texas Lottery has announced the recertification of its responsible gambling program by two organizationsthe National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) and the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL), thereby achieving the coveted Implementation Level status.

This recertification, obtained through the NASPL-NCPG Parallel Verification Process (PVP), extends the Texas Lottery’s responsible gambling review through December 2026.

Gary Grief, CEO of the Texas Lotterysaid: “As the Texas Lottery works to provide its players with innovative and entertaining lottery products to generate revenue for public education and veterans services, it takes responsible gambling very seriously.”

We are very pleased that our responsible gambling program has been re-certified at the implementation level and we look forward to strengthening our social responsibility by enhancing our responsible gambling initiatives while remaining committed to the principles outlined by NASPL and NCPG.”

The NASPL-NCPG PVP serves as a pathway for lotteries to achieve responsible gambling certification from the World Lottery Association (WLA). to qualify for the appropriate NASPL-NCPG Responsible Gambling Verification level. The Texas Lottery received WLA Level 3 Responsible Gambling Recertification in December 2023.

To achieve NASPL-NCPG verification at the implementation level, The Texas Lottery has undergone a thorough evaluation by an independent review board with expertise in responsible gambling. The assessment covered several areas, including planning, employee and retailer training, public education and awareness, product monitoring, research and evaluation, and advertising and resources.

The Texas Lottery remains actively committed to promoting responsible gambling, Providing awareness training to retailers, suppliers and employees. Information and resources are readily available on the website’s dedicated page and in brochures distributed at licensed lottery retail locations throughout Texas. Responsible gambling messages are disseminated through employee and retailer communicationsand on the official Texas Lottery social media channels.

As a member of the WLA, NASPL and silver member of the NCPG, The Texas Lottery is actively involved in initiatives aimed at preventing underage gambling and raising awareness of problem gambling. It participates in campaigns such as the NCPG-McGill University Gift Responsibility Campaign and the National Problem Gambling Awareness Month campaign, held annually in March.

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