These are the streaming services that still offer free trials

Free trials are common these days, especially on digital services like streaming platforms. However, streaming giants like Netflix and Disney+ have ended their free trials in search of profitability. Not every streaming service has gone this route, which is why free trials are still available.

Amazon Prime Video

Of all the biggest streamers, Amazon Prime Video is the last to offer a free trial. There’s a catch: There’s no “free trial” for their video-on-demand service. Instead, it’s included in the standard Amazon Prime subscription. Everyone can enjoy Prime free for 30 days, including access to Prime Video.

Amazon’s generosity towards Prime shows how free trials can be applied to all types of services. This is an effective way to market a service by allowing users to try it out first. Free trials are available in many online industries such as e-commerce or iGaming. At iGaming, free spins on certain games are available to new users so they can try them out before purchasing. Giving away free spins is one of the best online casino promotions and is therefore popular in the industry alongside deposit matching. Each gets the user to try the service so they can stick around if they like it.

That’s why Amazon continues to offer its free Prime trials – so people can try out the many benefits it offers. Given Amazon’s popularity as a retailer, many opt for the trial version to get free delivery. However, you can also use free Prime to watch Prime Video for a month and find exclusive movies and TV shows there.


Besides Amazon, Hulu is also a major streaming service that offers a 30-day free trial of its ad-free content. Hulu is older than many other streaming platforms in the industry and has a large catalog of shows and films, including original releases. There is also a 7-day trial for the Hulu package, which also includes Live TV, which gives access to over 90 live channels, including ESPN+.

Although Hulu was founded by various broadcasting and entertainment companies, it officially became Disney this year. Plans to integrate Hulu into the Disney+ platform are already underway. Since Disney+ ended its 7-day free trials in 2020, we don’t know if Hulu trials will remain in 2024. If you’re interested in everything Hulu has to offer, maybe now is the time to check it out.

Apple TV+ and Paramount+

Both Apple TV+ and Paramount+ offer 7-day free trials for newbies. Apple also lets you get a much longer three-month trial by purchasing the hardware. This means that if you purchase a new iPhone, iPad or Mac, you may be eligible for the trial. However, you should check whether the free time is included in your offer before paying.

The Paramount+ trial also lasts a full week and includes content from CBS, MTV and Showtime. All of these extras are available to new subscribers as part of a free week of content, with a choice of ad-supported or ad-free plans. Both services offer original content you won’t find anywhere else, including theatrical releases.

After collaborating on the production of several films in 2023, most notably Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon, Paramount+ is reportedly in talks to merge with Apple TV+. While this result is not guaranteed, it may result in a free trial that provides access to both services in the future.

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