“Thrivent boosts investment in Everi amid pandemic woes!”

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has increased their stake in Everi Holdings Inc. (NYSE:EVRI) by 4.6% during Q4, indicating their confidence in the credit services provider’s stock despite ongoing pandemic challenges in the gambling and tourism industries. Everi Holdings Inc provides technology solutions to the gaming industry through its Games and Financial Technology Solutions segments, which offer leased gaming equipment, gaming systems, and ATM cash access services, among other products.
The company’s performance seems steady, but fluctuations may occur. However, with future growth opportunities in the gaming space and their focused approach towards technology, along with a swift recovery from the pandemic, Everi Holdings Inc holds promise for low/long-term investment.
The company has been attracting large investors recently, with institutional investors and hedge funds owning around 87.51% of the company’s stock. The firm has also received positive analyst reviews, with four equities research analysts giving Everi a buy rating, while one analyst gave it a strong buy rating. Bloomberg data confirms that Everi’s average rating is “Buy,” with an average target price of $28 per share.
In terms of insider management changes, Chief Accounting Officer Todd A Valli sold 5,235 shares on March 3rd at an average price of $18.58 each, while Director Geoffrey P. Judge sold 6,000 shares of Everi stock at an average price of $18.58 each. But despite this, the firm’s future looks promising, with estimated FY17 earnings per share of $1.24.
Therefore, Everi Holdings Inc is a viable long-term investment with growth potential in a booming sector with a focused approach towards technology, a swift recovery from a pandemic-stricken market situation, and promising earnings.