Top 5 Online Gambling Predictions

The online casino industry changes drastically every year. New content is introduced to the player base every day, making it an ever-growing niche of internet entertainment that doesn’t look like it’s going to stop evolving any time soon. As we slowly prepare for the iGaming year of 2024, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about it Top five predictions that people are looking forward to in the coming period. Since the inception of online gambling platforms, we have only seen constant progress in terms of gaming experience, product variety and innovative ideas, which can lead us to the conclusion that we can expect nothing less from 2024.

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Crypto is dethroning traditional banking methods

Crypto-dethroning-traditional-banking-methodsWe’ll start with probably the safest prediction to date, which assumes cryptocurrencies will replace traditional payment options as the most popular choice among gamers. Although crypto casinos are not necessarily considered new at the moment, their rise in recent months suggests that player interest in them is greater than ever.

Many people have historically been skeptical and intimidated towards these types of payment systems, and this general reaction from the iGaming public was not shocking considering that none of these environments were licensed or monitored by regulators at the time. Additionally, there have also been numerous cases of people being scammed by malicious brands whose sole purpose was to lure players out of their cryptocurrencies.

Over time, Reputable crypto casinos appeared on the scene, and punters around the world slowly began to understand that there were huge benefits to using these currencies. Fast withdrawals, no transaction fees and anonymity were just some of the benefits these banking options offered.

At the moment, Thousands of reliable and trustworthy crypto iGaming environments are fully licensed and regulated. We have seen that the Curacao Gaming Authority regulator has taken a step in the right direction by allowing the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as a fully approved method of making withdrawals and deposits in casinos.

All these events allow us to confidently predict the inevitable dominance of cryptos over their traditional counterparts. While credit cards and e-wallets have been used for over three decades now, they simply cannot be nearly as useful as cryptocurrencies.

Unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence

Looking back on 2023, there were many technological breakthroughs, but it’s safe to say that nothing came close to the explosion of Chat GPT and other forms of easily accessible artificial intelligence tools on the market. While AI is an area that people have been working on for decades, it has always been reserved for high-end software development companies and machine learning research centers.

Suddenly, anyone with easy access to the Internet could use artificial intelligence with just a few clicks and a little knowledge. This also led to many companies, entrepreneurs and various entertainment industries starting to benefit from this new and cost-effective technology, including the world of online casinos.

If you look at it, it’s very obvious Currently, most gambling brands and software providers are not yet leveraging the full potential of these tools. We have seen casino operators use AI to improve their customer service departments. There are also cases where platforms increase their data security in this way.

Probably the most interesting and exciting part for us players will be seeing how development studios can take advantage of this great opportunity to show us a whole new perspective on how we can enjoy casino games. AI has been present in video games in one form or another since their inception and has gradually improved.

We expect to see a similar increase in gaming products. There is no doubt that we will see an exponential increase in AI usage this year and in the years to come. Chances are there will be many small brand names and studios making a name for themselves by developing new gaming experiences for players.

Online gambling with virtual reality

Virtual reality online gamblingAnother form of technology that slowly took hold and began to take over the gambling market is virtual reality. Essentially, VR should be the ultimate online casino experience as it can offer players an unrivaled level of immersion and atmosphere. Simply put, There is a good chance that these types of platforms will lead to the demise of traditional land-based casinos.

Currently, several virtual reality gambling environments allow you to experience the most advanced form of gambling, including Metaverse online casinos. Be that as it may, VR is still not nearly as accessible and affordable for the average customer, but that could well change throughout 2024.

The technology is there, but it will be difficult to catch on with gamers until the cost of VR devices comes down. Additionally, many of the current virtual reality platforms require players to put in a significant amount of effort to set up, even if they end up purchasing the equipment.

Everything has to become much simpler and leaner. Players have become accustomed to being able to get in and out of a casino with just a few clicks. This type of instant and fast user experience can significantly reduce the complicated VR casino setup processes.

We believe this could be the year things turn around and that it could lead to tectonic shifts for the industry and landowners. On the other hand, things might not go as smoothly as they should, and so we recommend being cautiously optimistic in that case.

Focus on the social aspect in casinos

Over the years, online casinos have continued to offer their users new things in terms of gaming options and quality. We are at a point where the focus is slowly shifting to making gambling platforms much more social. While there are casinos that have social aspects integrated into their websites, there are still many that don’t, but we believe that will change soon.

The chances are good that we will see some sort of fusion of classic online gambling environments combined with familiar social media structures. This means that instead of an account that you can use exclusively for gaming and live chatting in live dealer rooms, the brand would create a space where you can do this Add friends, compare achievements, make contacts, exchange tips and become part of the community.

We have seen something similar with standard social casinos, but they are never aimed at real money players, but at those who want to play casino products for free and without risk. We believe that by looking at how these platforms work, real money casino brands can implement the same strategies but also give players the opportunity to experience real gambling.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the process of transforming casinos will go in this direction, but it is pretty obvious that so many players around the world love the idea of ​​incorporating a social meeting place into their hobby.

Increased regulation and player protection

increased regulation and player protectionFinally, our final prediction is about regulators, licensing and most importantly, responsible gambling. It’s no secret that the online casino industry is experiencing a never-ending boom, meaning thousands of beginners are trying out this hobby every day.

It should be imperative for brands and software developers to educate these players about the critical importance of safe gambling. Those without experience are much more prone to making mistakes when it comes to their account spending, time investments, and many other crucial things.

Regulators have been imposing stricter laws and regulations on online casinos every year, and we believe this will not change in the future as long as the user base grows. Safety comes first and can always be improved.

New forms of gambling such as Telegram casinos make completing these tasks much more difficult. Such things always involve risks. Therefore, make sure you do thorough research and protect yourself at all times when you are ready to try something new.

With all the technological advances we’ve talked about, gambling addiction could take on new forms and have different effects than those currently on the market. This leads us to the conclusion that all segments of the regulated industry need to progress at more or less the same pace.


In total, These were some of our most likely iGaming trend predictions for 2024. Depending on how things turn out, we may see all of this come true, but it’s also possible we won’t see many new changes. If we look at the past few years and see how everything has developed so quickly, it is very unlikely that at least some of these predictions will not come true. Artificial intelligence has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives over the last year, and that’s why we believe it could be the driving force for new content and user experiences in the coming period.

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