VGCCC forces Tabcorp to make betting machines cashless

The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) has ordered Tabcorp to make almost all of its electronic betting terminals (EBTs) cashless. The nationwide directive comes due to various incidents in which minors were caught gambling, which is illegal in the province.

Betting terminal regulations:

From the end of January, the only betting terminals will be able to do this continue to receive the cash bets will be those who are within five meters and within sight of the counter.

Tabcorp has approx 1,800 terminals in the province, and about 70% of them are required to accept only vouchers and Ban cash betting.

To get the voucherPlayers must present their ID at the counter and, if necessary, younger than 25they are not allowed to place bets.

The company is also obliged to start incorporating “Mystery Shopper” program to ensure all venues check their patrons’ IDs. Venues that do not comply with the new regulations will have to pay a fine and Tabcorp is obliged to do so terminate the contracts with such venues.

This is not the first time that the VGCCC has found that Tabcorp is doing something that is not in accordance with the law. In the last eight months, Tabcorp and nine venues have been accused various violationsThis also includes allowing minors to access the slot machine area and place bets. Furthermore, the company did not monitor this Electronic betting terminals as they should do.

Potentially big fines for Tabcorp:

A case has already been heard in court, and a fine of $25,300 was issued Preston Hotel because the venue allowed a teenager to play in 2022.

Annette Kimmit, the CEO of VGCCCsaid in a press release: “Taking a bet from a minor is inexcusable and tougher measures are needed to protect the community, particularly children, from gambling harm.” Venue staff are the first line of defense when it comes to discouraging underage gambling protect. We have taken decisive action where they have not taken their responsibilities seriously. These stricter identity controls not only create an additional barrier to allowing children to gamble, but also help prevent money laundering. The VGCCC will actively monitor these protective measures to reduce harm and venues should take note of this and act to fulfill their duty to look after the community.”

Underage gambling is a direct violation of the law Gambling Regulation Act 2003and Tabcorp allegedly violated it on multiple occasions between September 8, 2022 and October 20, 2023.

Overall, Tabcorp is responsible for 72 violations when it comes to petty gambling and lack of monitoring of the company’s electronic betting terminals. The fine the company could pay if the allegations prove true can be up to $969,236.40.

The investigation began shortly after the public filed a complaint.

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