WA.Technology and Supabets forge strategic partnership for expansion in Africa – Gaming

WA.Technology, a leading provider of B2B igaming solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Supabets, a leading South African operator.

This collaboration is a significant step in WA.Technology’s expansion into the African market. Supabets will expand its comprehensive website offering to 22 markets on the continent, making WA.Technology one of Africa’s leading providers of iGaming solutions, technology and content.

With a shared vision for innovation and excellence, WA.Technology and Supabets aim to take the African igaming landscape to a new level. Supabets, known for its exciting sports betting, live sports betting, online casinos and more, offers its users unparalleled sports betting and gaming experiences. Supabets was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Sandton, Gauteng in South Africa. Supabets has become a leading name and offers more than 1,300 betting markets.

WA.Technology’s ambitious expansion into Africa through the launch of WA.Africa, a localized omnichannel platform integrating mobile, retail and online delivery and supported by a dedicated African market team, made this exciting new partnership possible. WA.Africa harnesses the continent’s enormous growth potential by delivering exceptional, personalized, specialist platforms tailored specifically for Africa, leveraging NE Group’s extensive experience and knowledge of local markets for a user and customer-centric approach.

WA.Technology’s cutting-edge content, technology and operational services will form the backbone of Supabets’ expansion, as the WA.Africa platform, content and operational services will power the brand’s sports betting, casino and lottery services across its online and retail operations A further 22 markets will be supported this year.

Tim Scoffham, CEO of WA.Technology, said: “Africa has been a key part of our 2024 strategy. WA.Technology’s full range of products, solutions and services combined with Supabets’ significant, established presence in South Africa will do this .” Set a new benchmark for the African iGaming sector. We look forward to supporting Supabets on its journey to becoming the leading operator and service provider in the African market. This is just the beginning for WA.Africa as we set a new standard for tailored African igaming. We look forward to working with Supabets on this exciting new project.”

The Anastassopoulos family, founders of Supabets Gaming Group, said: “We are pleased to announce our partnership with WA.Technology and usher in a new era of groundbreaking iGaming solutions in Africa.” Together we are ready to deliver gaming experiences across the continent revolutionize. Our collaboration will introduce innovative gaming platforms, immersive user experiences and improved accessibility for players and operators across Africa.”

This partnership represents a big step towards becoming a consumer-focused company that speaks honestly to its audience. Supabets’ mission is to shape the future of the iGaming industry and build a customer-centric company that continually redefines what “best experience” means.

As WA.Technology and Supabets embark on this exciting venture, the future of iGaming in Africa looks brighter than ever. With WA.Technology’s commitment to excellence, this partnership will expand operations and create unique experiences and new opportunities, shaping the future of African igaming by offering unrivaled igaming journeys to users across the continent.

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