What performance does an iGaming aggregator offer?

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According to Slotegrator report When it comes to iGaming trends in 2024, 75% of respondents among Slotegrator partners believe that adding new game types helps attract new players. Many operators turn to gaming content aggregators for a comprehensive range of games – what exact performance features does an aggregator offer?

Aggregators play an essential role in the iGaming industry.

An iGaming aggregator is a connection between software developers and operators. Working with an aggregator frees operators from the need to manage separate contracts and agreements with individual providers. By integrating with a single API, operators can quickly and easily set up their platform and get it up and running without any hassle.

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First, let’s look at how an aggregator works. Here are the main stages:

  1. Aggregators act as a bridge between companies and content providers, connecting operators with high-quality software, gaming content and payment systems. To do this, they research the strengths and weaknesses of various potential partners.
  2. The next step is negotiating and signing contracts with suppliers. By building partnerships with game providers, aggregators ensure a smooth and sustainable content flow for operators.
  3. accumulation is, as expected, a core function of aggregators. They bundle a wide variety of content from different providers and bundle them into a single technical API module. This aggregated content is then made available for integrated delivery by operators.
  4. Using an API, operators can easily and easily add and deploy solutions on their platforms. The integration process gives operators access to countless gaming content providers in a single session.
  5. From initial integration to ongoing maintenance, aggregators provide support and troubleshooting for any technical issues that may arise.

Now that we are clear about how iGaming aggregators work, what are the benefits of using such an aggregator?

  • A helping hand at the start of the journey. New operators may feel overwhelmed with everything they have to worry about when starting their own iGaming project. This is where an aggregator comes to the rescue, relieving operators of unnecessary stress and mundane tasks like signing one contract after another.
  • A contract that saves time and effort. Working with an aggregator frees operators from the need to manage separate contracts and agreements with individual providers. A contract grants full access to content from the selected game providers, including their entire portfolio of games and the promotions they offer. A single contract is much easier than constantly negotiating and renegotiating with individual providers.
  • A complete package of high quality gaming content. The operator’s mission is to offer a high-quality portfolio of games, including games from major established brands and new, emerging studios that value innovation. Aggregators are the easiest and most cost-effective way to do this.
  • Single integration via an API: Instead of contacting each provider directly, operators gain access to thousands of games and payment systems that can instantly meet the needs of any audience worldwide.
  • Long-term security. The most important thing to know is that a single contract is much simpler than constant negotiations and renegotiations with individual providers, and as prices rise and new games come onto the market, aggregators will still automatically give operators access to new titles.
  • Manage partnerships. An iGaming aggregator can provide you with a tool to track and manage affiliate programs.

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