“With the new regulation, WA.Technology is able to further capitalize on its growth in Brazil.”

GMB – WA.Technology has caught the attention of the industry. What makes your solutions, products and services different from the crowd?
Tim Scoffham
– At WA.Technology, our uniqueness comes from our commitment to our full range of customized iGaming solutions. We are not an ordinary vendor producing cloned solutions; Everything we make is completely individual and unique.

At the heart of our approach is WA.Platform. It combines our full range of platform solutions into one easy-to-use solution and is designed for maximum adaptability and efficiency. The upcoming WA.Platform upgrade will be really worthwhile for our operators. It underlines our commitment to improving the functionality of everything we do. WA.Platform includes various features such as a comprehensive, optimized, ready-to-use BI reporting suite, tailored casino AI and a versatile CMS individually tailored to each user, customer and market. It makes the platform adaptable and localized while maintaining a coherent brand identity.

We believe in true personalization for the player and the customer. Our focus is on providing highly tailored and localized solutions with local support from on-site teams to differentiate each client’s brand. Every brand is unique depending on the customer and market. To enhance our customization, our team is made up of a wide range of specialists and experts who truly understand each market and its people, the nuances within regions and their cultures, and how we can best serve our customers. While some providers lump together large territories like Latin America, we see individual countries and individual territories within the countries themselves. What is suitable for Brazil, for example, may not be ideal for Mexico or Peru. We believe in a completely customized iGaming experience.

Emerging markets present complex challenges. What makes WA.Technology’s approach different from other providers?
Navigating the intricacies of emerging markets is a complex task. This includes a deep understanding of local preferences and regulatory frameworks. It is a strategy that includes market-specific expertise while continuously developing our entire product range. We take a holistic approach, taking into account cultural nuances, payment preferences and popular trends.

Our team works closely with local experts to ensure our products have global appeal and local appeal. Our collaboration with Latin American entertainment specialists and iGaming experts in Africa NE Group was a strategic decision to ensure that we can always offer the right product and service for each specific market in which our customers operate. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of local knowledge.

What are the critical elements that providers and operators need to consider in growing markets such as Latin America and Africa?
Success in emerging markets depends on developing compelling solutions that are tailored to local people and regulatory frameworks. This requires high adaptability, creative thinking and a deep commitment to understanding and meeting local needs.

Additionally, a competent legal team is critical to keep pace with and comply with evolving regulations. This requires a combination of strategic vision, agile development and committed customer engagement. Fortunately, in addition to our great partnerships with collaborators, we also have a solid team at WA.Technology itself, made up of highly respected experts who know their markets inside and out.

What expectations do you have for success after regulation in Brazil?
The Brazilian market has been a focus for us and the progress we have seen is just the beginning. Our Brazilian team’s commitment to building strong customer relationships and providing customized products was critical. With the new regulatory landscape, we are able to further capitalize on this growth and expect an increase in opportunities and sustained customer success.

Our recent appointment of Waldir Marques, a highly respected and experienced regulatory expert and former CEO of the Brazilian government-backed lottery association CAIXA Loterias SA, as Director of Regulatory Affairs is a testament to our commitment to ensuring our customers always receive the best possible localized content abide by the law. Waldir is well respected in his native Brazil, so we are delighted to have him on board; His appointment demonstrates our commitment to quality for our customers.

What WA.Technology achievements are you most proud of?
Our journey has been marked by significant steps, particularly in the last twelve months. We won last time Awarded Best Aggregator at the SiGMA Eurasia Awardsan incredible achievement for the whole team and we won last year Silver Platform Provider of the Year at SBC LATINOAMÉRICA 2023. Recognition from other industry experts is a great asset to the entire team. Recognition from our colleagues is great, but of course the recognition we always strive for comes from our customers for whom we work so hard. Our continued growth and presence in Latin America, especially in Brazil with giants like PixBet, proves this.

We stay current with the changing regulatory landscape. We recently announced our partnership with Latin American iGaming experts to ensure that our products and solutions are always developed with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the various, specific Latin American iGaming markets and how we best approach everything we do can adapt to the respective population group. This partnership is central to our strategic approach to expansion into Mexico.

Equally important is our Africa-specific platform WA.Africa, a project made even better by our African iGaming experts. The new Afrocentric platform is a bespoke omnichannel platform solution that integrates mobile, retail and online gaming to deliver a unique experience tailored to the African iGaming sector. As with Latam, we understand the vast difference between different African locations and take this into account. It is already very popular with African iGaming stars Supabets, who have chosen us to expand their operations within Africa.

Finally, how do you see the future development of WA.Technology?
Looking forward, we expect WA.Technology to become a more prominent and influential player globally, particularly in Latin America and Africa. Our focus remains on providing tailored solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies and market trends. We have several exciting projects underway, such as our new WA.Lottery games and WA.Fantasy’s Daily Fantasy Sports pools, which we launched at events such as ICE London earlier this year. We have also received exciting news about a highly anticipated upgrade to our WA.Poker branch, which will also be available very soon, which we are really excited about. We are committed to continually developing our technology, coverage, products, solutions and services and pushing WA.Technology even further. Watch this space!

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