Yume introduces a platform where recovery coaches who have overcome addiction guide others to sobriety

Yume introduces a platform where recovery coaches who have overcome addiction guide others to sobriety

</p> <p> Yume introduces a platform where recovery coaches who have overcome addiction guide others to sobriety<br />

Revolutionary survivor recovery coaching, supported by more than 80 hours of training and therapist support



January 3, 2024

/PRNewswire/ — Yume, an innovative digital addiction recovery platform, proudly announces its launch. The first of its kind, Yume offers a unique recovery experience by pairing individuals with recovery coaches who have not only overcome their own addictions, but have also completed extensive training. This approach ensures that users receive compassionate, experienced guidance from someone who truly understands their problems.

Background and vision:

Yume, founded by

Rehan Hussain

, an addiction survivor himself, wants to offer more than just therapy. It is a platform where the problems of users and trainers are the same – be it alcohol,


or other addictions. Yume coaches, who boast years of sobriety, guide users through a carefully designed year-long program that reflects their own victorious journey and is supported by the support of licensed therapists.

Unique Features and Offers:

Yume stands out for its comprehensive support ecosystem:

  • Matched Recovery Coaching: Users are matched with coaches who have overcome the same addiction.

  • Extensive trainer training: Over 80 hours of specialist training ensure that trainers are well equipped.

  • Therapist Recommended: Our program is supported by professional, licensed therapists.

  • Accessibility of Resources: Users have access to licensed therapists, legal advice, financial experts for debt consolidation and financial planning, and group therapy sessions.

  • Compassionate Peer Support: Coaches provide real-world advice and support after navigating and overcoming similar challenges.

  • Expert-led Group Conversations: Moderated discussions for broader community support and learning.

Expected impact:

Yume is more than a recovery platform; It is a movement that is redefining addiction recovery. By combining personal successes with professional insights, Yume aims to be a beacon of hope and impactful change in the recovery community.

Discover the Yume Difference and join our recovery and resilience community. Visit yu-me.us and start your journey with a trainer who has walked your path and achieved the goal you want.

About Yume:

Yume is a groundbreaking digital platform in the addiction recovery space, offering a new paradigm where those in recovery are guided by those who have successfully overcome similar challenges. Yume is committed to supporting people on their journey to sobriety and wellness.

Media contact:

Yume Media Team



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